Sorry if you like artificers, but I just can’t seem to find any See Potent Potables, the most recent artificer handbook on the CharOp forums. Artificer is an arcane leader class in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[EPG] Contents[show] Class traits Primary Role: Leader, Secondary Role: Controller. Classes. Ardent Ardent Admiration: An Ardent Handbook, Dedekine Artificer . 4e, Defenders and the MMO mentality, Unmaker * Defending.

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PP – Uandbook path. This is a good way to enable radiant damage and heal yourself or an ally. Not a power you want to need to use, but it can swing a tough fight, which is exactly what a leader daily should do.

You only want a CL 7 Wand, since it tops out at 10d6. As for the rest of the party complaining about your character, that’s more than a little obnoxious. If he does, the second thing you need to make is a UMD boosting item. An enemy ends a move adjacent to them they can trigger this feat to get out of reach.

This artkficer needs the Teleportation Keyword. Hybrid Artificers appear as a standard hybrid option, with the following base benefits: Welcome to the most important physical stat for the Artificer.

The action cost is pesky, but using it in T1 is worth the damage almost the entire game. The next one is a matter of personal taste. For example, an Artificer can make a Scroll artifcer Fireball at 4th level, when a Wizard has to wait until 6th because of the caster level.


At 1st level, an artificer has hit points equal to 12 plus the artificer’s Constitution score. Giving enemies a -2 to attack and defenses is really handbooo. The New World, Part 9: Really not better than Energy Conversion for Con builds at this level, but it scales better and is a source of actual healing as opposed to THP.

Force, Imp vs Ref. This is what really makes the Artificer stand out as being the best item creation expert in the game. Check with your DM to see if he allows you to make non-standard magical items those that are not expressly listed in the DMG, using the item creation pricing tables. Reset Fields Log in.

Golden for Spell Commanders. However, your Will saves are tied to it, as are the always useful Spot and Listen checks. Sure, you could pay full price for a base item, but why bother when you can make it yourself for less, and you get to customize how it looks?

Originally Posted by Lemur.

Artificer Player’s Guide (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

Magic of Eberron officially set down the rules for the Psionic Artificer. Do you want more power and survivability at the low levels, or do you want to be more powerful at high levels?

Implement and Weapon in one, you even get Reach and don’t provoke with the Expertise feat, but the Pros end there; lower Handvook and lack of Range definitely hurt though Mace: You can use the wall to seal off an enemy from the rest of the field and that battlemind can teleport in and out. Originally Posted by vasharanpaladin. One odd restriction though.


Dislocating – Enemy repositioning, especially being able to drag an enemy Artillery or Controller out from behind the melee makes it a decent golfbag item.

I think the artificer is a great class to play. Always kill your enemies, otherwise they will come back to haunt you – anon Spoiler. However, there is a variant Artificer, the Psionic Artificer covered later on that would benefit greatly from being a Psionic race. Sign In Don’t have an account? With the Artificers being so new, its hard to make them work well with other things that 4w been printed.

Artificer | D&D4 Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

By the time you get this, you should be able to activate just about every magic item you own, every time, without fail due to your massive UMD bonus.

From Magic of Eberron, its good for Gnomes with their bonus to alchemy checks. Behind door number 3: I should point out that, from high heroic levels onwards, you will see a clear and marked distinction between characters who pick their powers for concept, and characters who take powers for effectivity in combat.