r; Corrupt message content. Please help. I’ve scoured the internet and found nothing but abandoned forums with no answers, just. Iam getting a bounce back with NDR that says”” # STOREDRV. Deliver; Corrupt message content ##”” with few of the users. The generating server. # ´╗┐Corrupt message content STOREDRV”. Facts: Apparently , it can fail but can also deliver successfully. ”

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Deliver; Corrupt message content. Thread starter smajji Start date Apr 5, Views 11, Hi, I have change the domain name i put it test i coreupt want to make public of our domain. But this is the problem we are facing some times the mail is reaching users ,sometimes notcomtent check the antivirus and we disable the antivirus in client machines but the problem is not resolving.

Deliver; Corrupt message content Original message headers: Final Draw Luncheon for 60 guests Thread-Topic: Final Draw Luncheon for 60 guests Thread-Index: Mon, 5 Apr Specific Extenions or all of them 3b Do Some of the attachments pass through or Everytime all the attachments gets blocked?

Regards Fazal M Khan. Antimidas Apr 7, I had this exact same problem. Removing spam and virus protection had no effect. The issue occurred when sending emails between databases. Once all mailboxes were moved to a single database, the issue was resolved. This is not an ideal solution, but it is the only Microsoft Support could determine after four days 64 hours on the phone with them.


Are you by chance using the transport rule based disclaimer? Omar Mercado Apr 7, Hi, I have the same problem, I have a transport rule based disclaimer and four databases for the mailboxes.

NDR # r; Corrupt message content ##

Thanks in advance Omar Mercado. There currently exists a bug in the transport based disclaimer feature which can result in this. I know storedrv.delivr fix has been made but not sure which Mesasge it will be included it.

Thank You for The valuable Information Henrik. I hoep It Solves the Issue. Allen Song Apr storedrv.delver, Hi, Was this issue only encountered by the internal users?

Did this issue only occur when sending the email with attachment? Did you check the error message in the Application event log? Additionally, please enabled pipeline tracing by running the following command to confirm the issue: Omar Mercado Apr 12, Hi Allen, I disable the disclaimer rule and do not have more this problem.

Thank you for this thread we have migrated and upgraded from Exchange to a few mdssage ago and had a couple of email addresses resulting with this error, I disabled the disclaimer rule and it seemed to do the trick. Allen Song Apr 16, Hi, Thanks for your sharing. We’re having the corrut issue but am not using any transport rules on the Exchange server itself.


We are using a disclaimer software called Exclaimer but it’s not something i can disable in our org. Henrik, do you have any more info on the RU this will be on? Is there a hotfix for it by chance?

#554 5.6.0 STOREDRV.Deliver; Corrupt message content ##

Allen Song May 16, Hi buddy, This is the product issue and will be fixed in the RU4. Sorry for the inconvenience brought to you. I’ve been working with support to get the hotfix for this but could stop that process if the updates is going to be released soon.

Dear all, I have the same issue I don’t use 5.6.00 disclaimer I I resend the email is ok them We had the same storedrvdeliver. It is outlook issue. When you send an email keep the format as HTML then exchange allows the content. 545 must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Submit; invalid recipient address SMTP.