– Buy Roll of the Dice: Duryodhana’s Mahabharata (Ajaya Book 1) book online at best prices in India on Read Roll of the Dice. Book Review | Roll Of The Dice (AJAYA Epic of the Kaurava Clan – Book 1) The novel “Ajaya” is the saga that narrates the story of Mahabharata from the. Shall be launching the Malayalam edition of Ajaya: Roll of the Dice tomorrow with an esteemed panel. Do come! Details below:

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Ajaya: Roll of the Dice

If you research himeven the scriptures have mentioned that he was a maverickopposed the false beliefs which people those days termed ” dharma”He was truly a very self made manwho kept friendship and selflessness all above many of the Mahabharata characters depicted by sage Vyasa always confused meespecially the Pandavaswho were righteous most of ajaay times.

If you liked this review, please share it with others. Some of them cice damn interesting, some I totally loved, liked and even lived with but there are a very few which I actually end up hating for ths personal reasons call it my personal opinion, like or dislike and this one unfortunately falls in that sad category where I don’t want any book to put in as far as I can.

It acts like a blow straight on your face to realise the people whose glory and virtues you grew up hearing, were far less honorable. On the other hand, down South, the powerful Guru of the Southern states is waiting to make his move on Hastinapur.

This has unequivocally exhibited why this great epic is still tge.

One by one, irrelevant and minor characters of the Ramayana kept coming up with their own versions. You may buy the book from Flipkart here: Feb 11, Karthik Nilagiri rated it it was amazing.

The book raises valid questions through its characters, which throbs ajayx life. The book forms the most important plot of Mahabharata that is the dice game.


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Anand has written the Epic from a whole new angle. This book seeks to tell the tale from the point of the losers and in doing so creates unforgettable characters is the form of Suyodhana and Karna. Draupadi’s vastraharan is not described here at all, it is awaited in the sequel, but there are enough clues to show that Shakuni, Karna and Dushasana will take all the blame here and Duryodhana will be absolved.

Dec 15, Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws rated it really liked it Shelves: Poets became paid copywriters dicf glorify the carnage. I love my mom to teach me one thing very clearly and that is engraved somewhere deeper in my heart that to make my line tthe, I am not supposed to erase someone else’s line and make it shorter. The book ends with a call for Draupadi to be presented to the Kaurava Clan where her fate lies in their hands.

AJAYA Book I | Roll of the Dice | Anand Neelakantan

On the positive side as always the case is with these fictional accounts, I will give him his due by calling it a very smartly written book with a damn good pace that it almost works like a good page turner.

If you believe in Mahabharatha as commonly known and understood, you may be shocked to read this book, which reverses the roles of Pandavas and Kauravas. Why is this book interesting?

A Truly amazing rendition of the greatest Epic ever told Now I feel sympathetic towards the Kauravas The central philosophy of the book delves with the principles of Dharma, Adharma and Varna-the caste system. Mahabharat and Ramayan are two of the most loved epics goll our part of the world and I have read almost half a dozen of the new-age versions in the name of Mythological Fiction which sells like a hot cake in today’s time. So is with many other characters. He is liberal, kind-hearted, a progressive thinker, a visionary, loving and strong man.

The one request i would make is to please read this book and atleast ensure that good authors are encouraged. The epic details in which he tye covered the life of downtrodden untouchables from the two states and holds Krishna and Bhishma responsible for what happens in the story is simply beyond me.


Gulf money and the rapidly expanding city of Cochin have, however, wiped away all remaining vestiges of that old world charm. I am scared of aam in any form these days you see. The divinity of characters is ripped off and they are presented as mere mortals. As a kid I was wondered why pe Well done Anand Neelakandan Shakuni is painted an extra shade of black. Lord Indra living a life of a recluse with untouchables as for some reason he was no good to be a God anymore.

The character of Shakuni was brought out superbly. It undergoes a simultaneous shift in the vertical plane along with multiple degree circular motions and finally dide down the same height. But here we also see his feet of clay and his rigid ideologies which make him both vulnerable and arrogant.

The book begins with Bhishma and how his actions based on his beliefs, actually proved wrong for others. The scenes, the situations, the emotions are well described. Making matters worse is poor execution. And fhe says that his lates The greatest achievement of Anand’s books is that they trained our minds to see the other perspective By the time I reached the end of the first part, second part has not yet releasedI began questioning everything that I knew about Mahabh Like almost everyone else, I grew up worshipping Pandavas and Krishna.

However, if you don’t ‘believe’ in the Mythologies and consider those as stories, you would know the other side to the story as well and perhaps stop thinking Krishna as God.

Don’t have a Kindle? I mean, you get a hang right? Alternate views about the happenings of the Mahabharata period.