Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored: The history, theory and practical applications of the Sacred Science. Aug 24, by Archibald Cockren and Sir Dudley. Archibald Cockren (Q). No description defined. edit Archibald. 0 references. date of death. 1 reference. imported from. More by Archibald Cockren. Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored. Archibald Cockren. from: $ Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored – Scholar’s Choice.

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The best edition is undoubtedly that published at Amsterdam in with a commentary by Theodorus Kerckringius. It was very hard to find, I ordered my copy from a bookstore in South Africa after a very thorough search. Retrieved archubald ” https: The author died inso works by this author are also in the coc,ren domain in countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 60 years or less.

Archibald Cockren (Author of Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored)

Archibld are no fables, but real experiments which I have made and know, as every other adept will conclude by these lines. The Italian adventurer, Jacques de Casanova de Seingalt, grudgingly admits that the Comte was an adept of the magical arts cockkren a skilled chemist. He died in after a short sickness in a small room at the White Horse Inn near the quay, and his body was buried in the graveyard of St.

With astonishment I gazed around this crystal globe when a new phenomenon excited my admiration.

Archibald Cockren’s alchemical discoveries

The famous Smaragdine Table of Hermes Tabula Smaragdina Cockrdn have placed at the beginning of this book, for although it would be difficult to prove its origin, yet it still represents a good example of Hermetic phraseology.

Even archiald his friend he refused to reveal the secret until shortly before his death, two years after his escape from prison, when occkren presented Sendivogius with his transmuting powder. As a crowning insult he actually burnt the works of these masters arcyibald a brass pan with sulphur and nitre!

In England the first known alchemist was Roger Bacon, a scholar of outstanding attainment, who was born in Somersetshire in Rhasis, another Arabian alchemist, became famous for his practical displays in the art of transmutation of base metals into gold.


Archibald Cockren’s alchemical discoveries There is an interesting account of Archibald Cockren’s discovery of various transmuting tinctures archibadl his Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored The wrap cover of the book contains the following summary: That this grave should at last have been opened, and that the real, albeit hidden secrets which it contained should now stand revealed and archibalf, must undoubtedly be regarded as an epoch-making event.

At last, however, having lost all hope of understanding the figures, I made a vow to God and St. When a ship in which he had once taken passage was captured by African pirates, Butler was taken prisoner and sold into slavery in Arabia. On the first of these seven leaves there was depicted a virgin who was being swallowed by serpents; on the second a Cross archibqld which a serpent was crucified; on the last a wilderness watered by many fair fountains, out of which came a number of serpents, running here and there.

The three principles were then conjoined in certain exact quantities in a hermetically sealed flask in a fixed heat neither cockreh hot nor too cold, care as to the exact degree of heat being essential, as any carelessness in its regulation would completely spoil the mixture.

Not only have I seen the results achieved, but I, among many others, have been able to test and pay grateful tribute to the efficacy of the Elixirs produced by the alchemical process. In Prague at that time a great interest was evinced in alchemy by all and sundry, but inby reason of an edict of Pope Cockrne V, Dee and Kelly were forced to flee the city. In this process which is one of continued sublimation, a long necked, hermetically sealed flask is used, and one can watch the vapour rising up the neck of the flask and condensing down the sides.

He travelled widely, not only in Europe, but in Africa and Asia, where his religious zeal nearly cost him his life on more than one occasion.

Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored – Archibald Cockren – Google Books

Such a science is something far more than an outlet for a few eccentric old men in their dotage. He found him, and after gaining his confidence became his disciple. Paul, and the inscription records that Nicholas Flamel, formerly a scrivener, left certain moneys and properties for religious and charitable purposes, including gifts to churches and hospitals in Paris.


I write the things that I know. In he was clckren pursuing his research in mineralogy, medicine, surgery, and chemistry under the guidance of Sigismund Fugger, a wealthy physician of the city, but was forced to leave Basle hurriedly after trouble with the authorities over his studies in necromancy.

Thirdly and lastly, he hath a Medicine Universal, both for prolonging life and curing cockrdn all diseases, so that one true adeptist can easily fockren all the sick people in the cockkren I mean his medicine is sufficient. If one follows carefully, in the light of alchemical knowledge, the biography of Sir Isaac Newton by J. The Master bade me take one-sixteenth of this gold as a keepsake for myself and distribute the rest among the poor, which I did by making over a large sum in trust for the Church of Sparrendaur.

He was pierced, racked, beaten, seared with fire and molten lead, but still he held his peace.

Waite has attempted to prove to his satisfaction that they were two different men. And as all things were produced from One by the Mediation of One, so all things are produced from this One thing by adaptation.

I have made arcchibald and daily have it in my power, having formed it often with my own hands. The next name of note, that of Geber, occurs in or about A.

Thereafter the vapour thinned. This I accomplished by coils of glass piping in water joined up with my receiver together with a perfect government of heat, the result being that the gas gradually condensed into a clear golden coloured water, very inflammable and very volatile.

Always he appeared as a well-preserved man of middle age. After some further talk the Artist Elias—for he it was—addressed me thus: