Uploaded by Syed Murtza. Asr-e-Zahoor Written by Allama Ali Korani and translated in urdu by Allama Iftakhar Naqvi This book is regarding occultation of Imam. Huzoor e Akram sAaww ka irshad e pak hy kh Hamara Silsila e nasab 22 sy aagay mt bian mn kia raz hy mujhy nahin pata mgr hukm ki. Asr e Zahoor book is about the life of Imam Mehdi book is wriiten by Allama Ali Alkorani and translated in urdu by Allama syed Iftikhar Hussain Naqvi.

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Followers of Sunni Islam and other minority Shias mostly believe that the Mahdi has not yet been born, and therefore his exact identity is only known to Allahother than the idea that he is zaahoor be from the descendants of Muhammad.

Reappearance of Muhammad al-Mahdi.

Asr-e-Zahoor by Ali Al-Korani – Off-Topic –

Archived copy as title CS1 maint: Aside from Shi’i works almost nothing is assr about the life of this Imam. The title means “The Age of the Apperance” it is a rough translation for the period which Imam al Mahdi will come back. Occultation of the Twelfth Imam: According to Jassim M. He died two months before the 11th Imam and declared the twelfth Imam as the Qaem.

Muhammad al-Mahdi

Another instance of contemporary Shia messianic tendency manifested itself in the discourse and policies of the former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who thought that Mahdi’s return was imminent.


If a woman was found pregnant she was detained and imprisoned You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Although during the lesser occultation the network of Imam deputies wikala claimed to have the right to handle Shia communities’ issues, this system was not continued during the Greater Occultation. On 3 Maythe then- Saudi deputy crown prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saudin an interview with MBC made repeated references to the Shi’ite ideology of the Iranian state to reject the possibility of dialogue with Iran for settling the regional rivalry between the two countries.

Zaohor from the original on 22 October Sign in Already have an account? Muhammad al-Mahdi zahoor Wikipedia’s sister projects.

The situation changed when “political disturbances caused by the Zanj and provincial leaders in Iran, Egypt and Syria. After Namaz e Magrabain. Archived copy as title link: Voices of tradition By Vincent J.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Islamic traditions hold that before the ultimate return of the Muslim messiah, his influence manifests itself adr the world in different ways.

Muhammad al-Mahdi – Wikipedia

Zanani Jashan e Akhde Ali A. But in times that there are dangers threatening the life of the Imam, he is concealed by God’s order, hence the Occultation of the twelfth Imam.

Zahoog Talimat Naqshbandiyya Lahore p. Addressing bin Salman directly, Nasrallah remarked: The Shia Mahdi doctrine was a key element in inspiring the Islamic revolution in Iran led by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini who argued as part of his theory of the Rule of the Jurist that the highest and most learned Muslim Jurist could legitimately administer the government on a God-given mandate to prepare the world for the return of the Hidden Imam.


A book including “miraculous occurrences” has zhoor published including accounts by Hezbollah fighters on how Mahdi intervened on the battlefields during the Israel-Hezbollah conflict to help them fight against the Israeli army.

This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Sunnis also have a few more Mahdi hadiths which are not present in Shi’ite collections. Some scholars, including Bernard Lewis [40] also point out, that the idea of an Imam in occultation was not new in CE but that it was a recurring factor in Shia history.

Majlis Arbayeen e Awr e Karbala 20 th Safar.

Jafar remained unshakeable in his assertion that his brother Hasan al-Askari had no progeny. It also acted as a moderating force among them by postponing political activities until the future coming of the Awaited Mahdi. Namaz e eid e Mobahela 24 th Zilhijah. Henry Corbin in contrast believed that the question of historicity is irrelevant admitting that the idea of the hidden Imam was shaped by the person of twelfth and considering the extensive body of literature about him, saw the birth and his occultation as archetypal and symbolic, describing it as “sacred history”.

Archived from the original on 19 June Jashan e eid e Zehra.