pasu buddhi · devraj indra · bankelal aur kalyug · bankelaal aur bhokal · sundar sena · sanjeevani · kumbh ka mela · chatni swyamvar · daku chidiya · kailash. Bankelal is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles . sanjeevani; sundar sena; bankelaal aur bhokal; bankelal aur kalyug. BAAP KA RAJ HAI · BANKELAL AUR KALYUG · BELMUNDA KA KHAZANA · BRAMHAND RAKSHAK · CHAKRA · DAAV PER DUNIYA · EK SE BADHKAR EK .

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She has a third eye which is the sign of the Goddess Kali, but keepsit covered with a headband which she pretends to use to cure her permanent migraine. Bankelal Aur Dharti Jakard 31 images. Jaadu Ki Jheel 30 images.

One day Lord Shiva visited Bankelal’s home with his consort Parvati. Bankelal Aur Peeche Pada Bhalu 32 images. Bankelal Vanarlok Mein 32 images. Prem Chopra 1 images. Pyaaz Wali Chudail 27 images. Bankelal Aur Chamatkari Jad 31 images. Shakti is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles published by Raj Comics.


Shakti (comics)

Jaaduyi Kaan 59 images. Notable aliases Chanda Abilities She has power of anger of women of the world, can produce fire and melt metals to produce weapons, her third eyeshe can travel with speed of light Shakti is an Indian comic book character, one of a number of titles published by Raj Comics.

Bankelal Aur Bhuton Ki Toli 32 images. Patal Bhairavi 49 images.

Bankelal Aur Kodi Raja 32 images. Mrityu Yogam 41 images. Chanda keeps herself busy in hospital and social works. Bankelal Ka Jaal 31 images. Bankelal Tataiyalok Mein 32 images. Swarg Ki Musibat 32 images.

Shakti (comics)

Attributes Chanda, the housewife, is extremely simple and not very much educated. Hari Jalpari 41 images.

Aayi Bala Talo 32 images. Shok Vatika 58 images.

His mother offered them a glass of milk unaware that her naughty child had put a frog in the milk! Sone Ki Leed 41 images. Bankeelal comics Indian comics characters Raj Comics characters.



Shadyantrakaari Aatma 33 images. Chanda killed her husband in the form of Shakti. She can sense any woman’s cry and pain in the world and can turn into light and travel at the speed of light.

Chanda was an ordinary housewife, until one day she discovered that her husband had been killing her daughters. Jadoogar Karara 30 images.

My Ecomics: Bankelal

Bankelal Aur Bakasur 31 images. Bankelal Vishalgarh Mein 33 images. Ho Ho Holi 43 images. Shakti is Maha Kali – Great Kali. Views Read Edit View history. Tees Maar Khan 17 images. Main Bhi Bankelal 49 images. Gulabati was a devotee of Lord ajr and a child was offered to them as a blessing from the Lord.

Lo Main Aa Gaya 29 images. Aata Baata 28 images.