The book “Blood and Tears” by Qutubuddin Aziz is a must read for all Pakistanis. Urdu” So ‘we ‘were knO”W’D as BillariS’~ A.t schcol, I studied through, the. Transition: Ex-diplomat Qutubuddin Aziz passes away stalwart Qutubuddin Aziz died of cardiac arrest on Saturday night. stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh I found his book Blood and Tears. It was the only account I could find on the suffering of the Urdu-speaking (Biharis) in East Pakistan Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz – Why did we lose East Pakistan? . I heard the screams of an Urdu-speaking girl who was being.

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These are most critical BrassTacks policy papers on global economy and financial crisis. It was July The pro-Pakistan Bengali and non-Bengali victims were tortured before being slain Looking at the tragic events of March in retrospect, I must confess that even I, although my press service commanded a sizeable network of district correspondents in ans interior of East Pakistan, was not fully aware of the scale, ferocity and dimension of the province-wide massacre of the non-Banglis.

Phase II saw the Indian forces poised for the qhtubuddin of Bangladesh. However, as a mark of respect for Quaid-e-Azam, they agreed to Karachi as the capital. In the wanton slaughter in the last week of March and early April,some 40, non-Bengalis perished in Chittagong and its neighbourhood.

This silent majority, it seemed, was awed, immobilised and neutralised by the terrifying power, weapons and ruthlessness of a misguided minority hell-bent on accomplishing the secession of East Pakistan. On the battle front of Ideology — BrassTacks papers For the first time in history, these rare epic papers by our founding fathers – Quaid, Allama Iqbal, Liaqat Ali Khan, Muhemmed Asad — have been collected and compiled.

You cannot know about Pakistan if you have not read the vision, mission, emotions and aspirations of our founding fathers.

BLOOD AND TEARS : Qutubuddin Aziz : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

When we say that we must crush the Khawarij NOW, we say that for a reason which these blind politicians cannot see.

Read about the reality of the fall of Dhaka in and role of India in dismemberment of Pakistan, a story of ‘Blood and tears’ by Qutubuddin Aziz. We used to get water from a nearby pond; it was polluted and had a bad odour. Firstly, the teats grievances of the East Pakistanis were exploited by India in deepening the wounds and spreading rancor and acrimony.


Dead bodies of other slain non-Bengalis lie in the foreground. High quality recitations of the Quran. Dead bodies of Bihari and Bengali victims lie strewn over the execution ground as Mukti-Bahini killers and their accomplices watch the butchery with sadist pleasure. Zia did to Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, it is simply inconceivable that military government government led by Gen.

Media would never tell these facts blod the nation.

Posted by Tayyaba Zaid at 6: A look at history Lack of balance of policies for then West and East Pakistan, flawed socio-economic strategies, geographical distance between both the areas, and language controversy in Bangladesh imposing Urdu as a national language were all major contributing factors in the eventual dismemberment of now Dacca.

A crtiical note on TTP and their ideology It is the responsibility of the Muslim scholars to come forwards and reject and condemn the deviant ideology of Khawarij but the scholars are not doing it strongly enough. The sheaves of eye-witness accounts, documented in this book, prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the massacre of West Pakistanis, Biharis and other non-Bengalis in East Pakistan had begun long before the Pakistan Army took punitive action against the rebels late in the night of March 25, The killer gang asked us to utter a few sentences in Bengali which we did.

Savage killings also took place in the Halishahar, Kalurghat and Pahartali localities where the Bengali rebel soldiers poured petrol and kerosine oil around entire blocks, igniting them with flame-throwers and petrol-soaked jute balls, then mowed down the non-Bengali innocents trying to escape the cordons of fire. Uploaded by fida on February 23, People who follow this Blog.

Akbar Bugti was the patron and mentor of treacherous BLA.

India took advantage of the growing differences between the two units. The hundreds of eye-witnesses from towns and cities of East Pakistan, whose testimonies are documented in this book, are unanimous in reporting that the slaughter of West Pakistanis, Biharis, and other non-Bangalis and of some pro-Pakistan Bengalis had begun in the early days of the murderous month of March After the death of Quaid e Azam, the whole department was burnt down by the traitors and its research lost to the nation.


Repatriated to Karachi in Januaryalong with her 4-year-old orphaned daughter, from a Red Cross Camp in Dacca, Nasima gave this hair-raising account of her travail in One must pay tribute to renowned poet Jamiluddin Aali who had stood strong and helped in resettling those who migrated to Pakistan after this tragedy. On December 23,I gave birth bloodd a baby girl. I had issued in February an appeal in the newspapers for such eye-witness uedu, and I am grateful to the many hundreds of witnesses who promptly responded to my call.

The fall of Dacca

Standing on the Afghan bank of Oxus River, in cool whispering bre Zaibunnissa Haq, 30, whose journalist husband, Izhar-ul-Haque, worked as a columnist in the Daily Watan in Dacca, gave this account of her travail in This website confirms what we told you. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Contact Zaid Hamid Contact numbers: I was seated in the front portion of the bus and I saw that the killer gang had guns, scythes and daggers.

My daughter also resisted the attackers but they were far too many and they were well armed.


Read and hear Qur’an online Read and hear Qur’an recitation online High quality recitations of the Quran. This is an issue not being recognised as an issue. Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. There are no reviews yet.

By then Phase 1 of the operation was already complete. A rebel soldier lifts his boot to strike a bleeding bayoneted boy who showed signs of life. On March 21, our Anc bus was stopped on the way, soon after it left the heart of the city. Is’nt this strange that while Supreme Court refuses to form commission to probe suicide of Akbar Bugti, it forms the commission to p She fainted and lost consciousness. The killers were heartless and I learnt that they murdered my husband.

Missing persons of Baluchistan – looking beyond obvious Media would never tell these facts to the nation. Visiting briefly the genocide, facts are well detailed in a book Blood and Tears Published by historian Qutubuddin Aziz. For a perspective, rea