Meeting the stringent standards of the British Standard for number plates (BS AU d) is simple with our acrylic. Regulations call up the British Standard (BS AU d) which outlines the performance requirement of plates in areas such as durability. Does a number plate still need the above to be printed on it to pass an MOT test? Just that I ordered a pair last week and they’ve been.

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If your request requires either full or partial transference to another public authority, you will be informed.

Number Plate BSAU 145d Regulations

Skip to content If we’ve helped you hold authorities to account this year, could you help us do more in ? No, not in my experience at least, mine have no marks at all and it has passed the last 5 years without a mention, at different MOT stations. Should you have any further enquiries concerning this matter, please write or contact the Public Access Helpdesk on telephone number quoting the reference number above. As vehicle number plates are required to comply with the requirements of BS AU d which states the characters must be “black”.

The request was partially successful. There are consequences in terms of vehicle and other crime when plates are wrongly issued and wu as well as the more personal issues at play when innocent motorists are confronted with fines relating to vehicle use when in fact their vehicle has been cloned. Is it currently required for a number plate supplier to create plates with BS AU d and their post code printed on the plate?

Search My Stuff Ua New 3 12 24 Just that I ordered a pair last week and they’ve been delivered this morning without this mark. Marr 4 May Delivered. The government hopes that by setting this standard and continuing to update it, motorists will benefit from other things as bz, for example theft-resistant number plates that will protect them from a variety of illegal activities.


Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Tricycles built from motorcycles, however, must meet the rules for motorcycles. Part of the Zell-Em Group. In May it was suspended as an MOT requirement. Jaguar steve 5, posts months. That was 10 years ago.

Motorcycles registered from 1st September onwards are only permitted to display a number plate at the back of the motorcycle.

BS AU D – a Freedom of Information request to Hampshire Constabulary – WhatDoTheyKnow

Thank you for your e-mail requesting information. To this end, the government has been working with manufacturers of number plates to create an agreed standard for theft-resistant number plates that will help to:.

Help us protect your right to hold public authorities to account. If this is a legal requirement for RK please specify, Since May how many times have RK have been warned solely over lack of the above requirements?

Your request has been given reference number: In the unlikely event that Hampshire Constabulary is unable to meet the 20 working day deadline. PH – Reader’s Car of the Year.

The 9 tests of number plates: BS AU d – BNMA

The regulations covering the manufacture and supply of number plates are complex. However, a balance clearly needs to be struck — it is important to acknowledge that the plate is a legal document and is therefore a valuable item in its own right and if incorrectly issued can have serious ramifications.

It is not part of the test We think it is important that the motorist is easily able to obtain 1145d plate to which they are entitled and which is of the right quality and design.

Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. Useful Links Number Plate Transfer You will find here a few notes and forms required for the procedure to transfer a vehicle registration.


Vehicles with new or replacement number plates fitted from 1st September onwards are not permitted to carry number plates that show registration numbers over three lines – unless the vehicle was registered before 1st January for its very first registration. Dear Mr Marr, Thank you for your e-mail requesting information. Sign in or sign up.

Ni all treth cerbyd na HOS gael eu trosglwyddo pan fydd cerbyd yn newid dwylo. To meet British Standard requirements, each number plates displayed must be legibly and permanently marked with the following information: Licenced Taxis Birmingham City Council.

Get in Touch For a free no obligation quote contact: Wayne Carr 24 September Delivered. If a tester ever fails you for this, you know you’ve done something to piss him off.

Since Septembernew regulations also apply to the font that is the style of lettering, used on British Standard number plates. British Standard Number Plates for Tricycles Separate rules also govern the display of number plates on tricycles, but here the type of number plate permitted will depend on whether the tricycle was made from a four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicle.

Make a request Browse requests View authorities Journalist? Wayne Carr made this Freedom of Information request to Hampshire Constabulary This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Find Similar Items This product falls into the following categories. Forum

The su was partially successful. Your request will be considered in accordance with the legislation and you will receive a response within the statutory timescale of 20 working days, subject to the provisions of the Act.

Try opening the logs in a new window. PH – Shed of the Year. This includes visibility, strength and reflectivity.