The BTL ABPM is a non-invasive ambulatory blood pressure monitor. The monitor uses oscillometric method and its design and construction fully comply with. Find out all of the information about the BTL International product: ambulatory patient monitor / emergency / ABPM / handheld BTL ABPM. Contact a supplier . Holter of blood pressure BTL ABPM. DEMO condition.

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The Online Medical Device Exhibition. This lightweight and silent recorder encompasses with the long run period of recording. It helps to monitor blood pressure continuously for 1 or 2 days. It has 60 programmed protocols and memory for protocols configurable by the user. blt

The measured data, are transferred from the module to the PC wirelessly via infrared port. Used but in good condition.

Biplane rectal endoprostatic probe 6LB7Totally new in original box. Linear transducer Mindray 7L4A Totally new with original briefcase.

Mindray 6C2s NEW 2. Last unit in liquidation. Multifrequency head 1 and 3 MHz of 5 cm2, left and right support, Ultrasonic gel, touch screen and network cable.


Add to cart quick view. You can be connected to electrotherapy for combined treatments. No customer reviews for the moment.

Go to the BTL International website for more information. Perfect condition, very little use. After transmission, detailed analysis of blood pressure is automatically performed with a graphical interpretation and a table of the study results.

Convex Mindray 35C50EA probe. With analytical software for measuring BP it also provides Stepwise deflation for reliable measurement results, Graphical and tabular results interpretation and customizable final report.

Holter ABPM BTL-08

In excellent conditions such as Demo, very little use. Pediatric microconvex probe 6C2s Totally new in original box. Free shipping to worldwide.

Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. Equipment from Abm, like a new. Other BTL International products. Exhibition equipment, excellent condition.

BTL ABPM recorder | BTL Corporate

This decreases the effect of white coat syndrome, diagnosing possible nocturnal hypertension, hypotension or other health issues associated with changes or abnormal values in blood pressure. The equipment working whit Windows XP.


Pediatric microconvex probe 6C2Totally new in original box. Little use, perfect condition. BTL is a device which has been particularly structured for the Blood pressure monitoring for an emergency use in ambulance. Totally new with original briefcase.

The printed final report can be compiled from the graphs, tables and analyzes shown as well as being supplemented with comments or instructions from the doctor. Patient monitor 6-channel electrocardiograph Portable patient monitor Cardiology software 3-channel Holter monitor Electrocardiograph Digital electrocardiograph Resting electrocardiograph Visualization software Electrocardiograph with display Electrocardiograph with abom channel electrocardiograph Diagnostic software Holter monitor 3-channel electrocardiograph Computer-based electrocardiograph Ambulatory patient monitor Handheld patient monitor ABPM patient monitor 1-channel electrocardiograph.