Dark Peril (Carpathian Novel, A) [Christine Feehan] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Two lovers are bound by the very desires that could . Two lovers are bound by the very desires that could destroy them in this darkly exquisite novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Carpathian series. Dark Peril has ratings and reviews. Jessica’s said: 2 Bored outta my mind starsFirst read Sept Reread February 26, Okay so I.

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These characters are starting to grow on me more, now that I’ve given them a chance.

Dark Peril

Dark Blood Carpathian Novel, A. Two main characters that should’ve been there weren’t there. Number 6 in series Leopard People. The dialog, which I hear so many people complain about, perjl truly in keeping with these ancient males who were born and raised in the Old Country.

There isn’t a thing I would change in either Dominic or Solange. The cave, deep beneath the earth kept the sun from touching his skin, but he felt it anyway, knowing it was just outside the gree, waiting to scorch him.

Long thick hair, lay frre out like seaweed, one arm wedged in the crevice two large boulders made. They were both dreaming of their perfect mate, never knowing those weren’t dreams As I slogged through the Carpathian novels Dark series I realized that as the books got further into the series the long story arcs were maturing and becoming more interesting.

I really loved the relationship that built between Dominic and Solange through the story, it was touching and wonderfully ffree from the previous Carpathian books. In spite of the heavy rain, the light burst over him.


He took to the sky again, a vague uneasiness in his gut. She was a fighter, chrietine, strong, flawed, I feeham looked forward to finding out what and whom would have been the one to break through that shell. Feehan started including for no apparent reason, at least there was less chanting than the last one. The Dragonseeker line has also been a strong lineage but the best parts where the tender moments between these two warriors.

Read Dark Peril(Dark, book 21) online free by Christine Feehan

Dominic seduces Solange slowly, showing her that he is trust worthy and bringing her around to wanting and needing him before he takes her. I felt nothing for them as a couple. A strong Dragonseeker male with an equally strong jaguar mate and he’s not going to be in the thick of things especially when their mother was his beloved sister?!

Brodrick looked at the two guards contemptuously. Now he must choose the side he will fall into. I’m so disappointed in this book! Whereas I loved the setup, once Dominick and Solonge find each other in the flesh they spend an awfully long time in Solonge’s cave as Dominick slowly cultivates Solonge’s trust and works to wins her love.

Until their dream lover became a reality. Dominic Dragonseeker is a man who was on what was essentially a suicide mission ingesting parasite ridden vampire blood to be able to be identified as a vampire, to infiltrate their camp and find out what they were planning and pass on that information before going into the light.

But here Dominic and Solange do the whole thing by themselves. So intrigued by her dogged persistence in traveling in spite of her severe injuries, it took several minutes before he realized the hideous whispers in his mind had eased significantly.


He shifted, taking the form dak the lord of the skies—the Harpy eagle. That is ceehan the case with this book.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The eagle continued ddark expand his circle, taking in more and more miles, until he found what he was looking for.

Dark Peril (Carpathian Novel, A): Christine Feehan: : Books

The way they met and got to know each other through feehaan was unique and interesting. But even as the parasi Having given up hope of ever finding his lifemate in this life time and determined to end his existence with honor, Ancient Carpathian warrior Dominic has begun a suicidal quest to gain the information necessary to save his Prince and his people.

It seems to have disappeared. Oct 30, N. The remnants of a great Mayan temple lay cracked and broken, trees and vines nearly obliterating what was left of the once impressive structure. In previous books in the series Solange has been built up as a hard-ass damaged woman and I couldn’t quite buy into her quick turn around of accepting that she’s in a relationship with Dominic, even some of Ms. Those heroes can be refreshing, but I admit I do often miss cgristine caveman alphas of the earlier books.