This book provides teachers and recreation professionals with a guide to Project Adventure activities and curriculum. Project Adventure learning goals are: (1). “Cowstails and Cobras II” is a rewrite of Karl Rohnke’s classic guide to games, initiative problems, and adventure activities. It contains much-and-more of what. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Cowstails and Cobras. A Guide to Ropes Courses, Initiative Games, and Other Adventure Activities | This document is.

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Cowstails And Cobras II | FlagHouse

While spotters usually need to be in position to catch a participant in the event of a fall, it is danger- ous to literally catch a falling body from even a short height. The wave is a symbol for the brief-activity-debrief scenario. Fine Motor Gross Motor. A two-handed shove at the shoul- ders partners alternating shoves will accomplish this. Or, you may choose to simply take the group aside and get the members to talk about their process.

There’s nothing like success as an antidote for bad feelings or a self-concept of being defeated. Selection depends on the needs of the group and time allotted. Then, anx speaker who said “hold it” will continue, etc.

Cowstails and Cobras II: A Guide to Games, Initiatives, Ropes Courses and Adventure Curriculum

Cobraa Engle added it Apr 08, Demonstrate each exercise and then ask the students to join you. Take time to prepare for the group in terms of the individuals involved, not just, “what are we going to do today? The audience re- sponse is predictable — nervous laughter, incredulous glances toward one another, wide eyed, and fidgethig.

Then ask if they can sit using only one leg and no hands.

There are more than enough curriculum ideas available now to allow presentation of fresh material on a regular basis, but even so, having the occu- wnd opportunity of teaching a variety of subjects is the best way to avoid staleness and burnout. A typical sequence might look like this: From your horizontal position, raise the cowsails half of your body, head up cowstaios far up as you canand hold that Cobra-like position for five seconds. Choosing to remove the first, and sometimes second pair of spotters, is not as dramatic a move znd it seems initially.


Then, attempt to push against your partner’s feet while putting all your weight on your armsuntil both of your derrieres come off the ground. There are obviously more hopping se- quences and movements than can be utilized.

The underlying assumption ot Adventure, that you can do more than you think you can. Legs should be bent, feet held high, and posteriors skootched fairly close to one another. According to Borton, it “pertains to the differ- ence the experience made io the individuals, the consequences, and the meaning for ihoni.

You can use the above What? Have at least students try this stunt individually in front of the entire group.

Keep the players playing. These gluteal green pants would serve well on a TV clothes detergent commercial.

The acceptance of group behav- ior guidelines has to do with not only acting out behavior, but the need to agree not to devalue or discount others, or oneself. The front and back roll can be practiced first from a standing or squatting position and eventually from a jog.

Cowstails And Cobras II

The force of the shoves is gradually increased for about five repeti- tions. Ask the participants either to go into the center of the group, or sit on the perimeter of the circle.

Ensure that the diving platform stump, bleacher is solid enough to preclude what we learned in Physics — the old “equal and opposite reaction to every action”.


OK, here comes the finale — three more kicks on each side; make ’em good. An untrained instructor presenting this Initiative problem from a book might not 17 Introduction 3 be aware of or remomber which areas for spotting are essential, or more disastrously, not be aware that spotting is necessary at all. You can choose what you want to empha- size in this contract, but the bottom line needs to be the agreement to work together as a group and to be safe.

Change the rules of whatever you are doing to fit the situation. Announce this and also grant a blanket excuse for all those who sus- pect that spinning may cause them to become nauseated. Group Falling Exercises 1.

If your ongoing program needs a boost because of scheduling problems, personality conflicts, or activity repetition, try playing a couple of these games. Sequencing and timing decisions are up to the discretion of the leader. But at the same time you always have charge of the situation, and of yourself. People have been brought up and taught to adhere to rules, so be aware that there’s bound to be some resistance when you suggest making third base first base and cibras counterclockwise, Aussie rules.

Most people can do this, so the next covras is to try and make forward progress from this “L” shaped balance position.

In many cases, the success or failure of a group depends on the effort of the members.