BOTANIC DESCRIPTION. Dacryodes edulis is a medium-sized, evergreen tree attaining a height of. m in the forest but not exceeding 12 m in plantations. Abstract Dacryodes edulis is a dioecious, shade loving, evergreen tree, indigenous to the Gulf of Guinea and widely cultivated in other tropical parts of Africa for. PDF | Dacroydes edulis is a plant with many trado-therapeutic seeds are used traditionally as a remedy for stomach problems like.

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Dacryodes edulis ()

Lost Crops of Africa. Cooked flesh of the fruit has a texture similar to butter. A pleasant, subacid flavour[ ]. Inflorescence an axillary panicle up to 40 cm long, with cymose ramifications, ferruginous-tomentose, with flowers often in clusters of 3 surrounded by bracts; often entire shoot tips becoming floriferous with reduced leaves, giving the impression of a terminal inflorescence.

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The leaves are eaten raw with kola nut as an antiemetic[ ]. Dacryodes edulis Dacryodes edulis x – 4k – jpg medias.

Dacryodes edulis – Wikipedia

Sepals and petals are 3, the former showing brown colour and the latter, cream colour. The dead branches of the tree are used as firewood Ayuk et al. Terpenoids of Dacryodes edulis. Edulks edulis Dacryodes edulis – Bark of Canarium Whereas, the other medicinal parts of the plant such as leaves, stems and roots are sold dacyodes the herb section of domestic markets, the fruits are ubiquitous in every section of the market.


Fruits are ellipsoid drupe and vary in size, x cm, resembling olives. Germination starts about 2 weeks after sowing and is epigeal. The leaf-sap is instilled into the ear for ear-trouble[ ].

Essential Oil-Bearing Plants, When applied in lotions and creams, the resin smoothens and protects the skin Ekpa, The aroma of the resin when liberated through burning is believed to ward off evil spirit in Nigeria Sofowora, This article needs additional citations for verification. Dacryodes edulis Dacryodes edulis x – 7k – jpg ecocrop. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Netherlands.

Retrieved from ” https: Flowers unisexual, 3-merous; pedicel up 5 mm long; sepals almost free to the base, 3—6 mm long, ferruginous-tomentose outside; petals free, 5—6 mm long, incurved at apex, tomentose outside; stamens 6, slightly shorter than petals, in female flowers dacruodes and infertile, filaments broadening towards the base; disk annular, slightly lobed; ovary superior, ovoid, vestigial in male flowers, 2-celled with 2 ovules in each cell, style very short, stigma 2—4-lobed.

Several species have edible fruits. Some information cannot be used for commercial reasons or be modified but some can. Often, the fruit pulp and seeds were characterized for lipid, essential oil and proximate components.


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More detailed knowledge of floral biology of this dioecious species, selection, and standardized vegetative propagation methods, are the main prerequisites for a breakthrough in productivity; more care in harvesting and handling will further increase the market value of the crop.

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This is a QR code short for Quick Response which gives fast-track access to our website pages. The name of the genus comes from the Greek word for teardakruon.

The potential market in these importing countries in alone was well overpeople Awono et al. There are 8 news article citations related to Dacryodes edulis G.

The leaves and the remains of the fruits can provide considerable quantities of biomass to improve soil fertility.

Dacryodes edulis

Swamp forest[ ]. The wood of bush butter tree is used for tool handles, mortars, and carpentry. The seed kernel is also rich in oil of the same fatty acids and approximately in similar amounts[ ].