Juan Luis Vives Constantinus Matheeussen, Charles Fantazzi. Vives’ tract on the education of women, De Institutione Feminae Christiana* (, revised ). Vives’ tract on the eduction of women, De Institutione Feminae Christianae (, revised ) became a model for conduct books in various Protestant. Vives’ tract on the education of Women, De Institutione Feminae Christianae ( , revised ) became a model for cunduct books in various Protestant.

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If you had a personal account on the old platform, click here. Librarian administrators click here. Charles Fantazzi and Matheeussen.

J.L. Vives: De Institutione Feminae Christianae, Liber Primus

However, the treatise also dee a very important contribution to the querelle des femmes of its time and has consequently generated much interest among modern historians of women christiaane gender. The only English translation of the text on offer till now was the inaccurate and free version of Richard Hyrde a friend of Thomas Morepublished early in the 20th century by Foster Watson, but now unavailable.


It starts with a special introduction to this edition. Volume 1 covering Book 1 was published in By publishing the 2nd curistianae the complete text of this important treatise by Vives is now available. Biographical Note Charles E. He is an editor and translator of the Toronto Collected Works of Erasmus, and has published several texts and translations of Vives with Brill.

Quid cogitare debeat quae nubit Cap. Duo maxima in muliere coniugata Cap. Quomodo se erga maritum habebit Cap.

J.L. Vives: De Institutione Feminae Christianae, Liber Secundus & Liber Tertius

De concordia coniugum Cap. Quomodo privatim se cum marito habere debet Cap. Quomodo agendum domi Cap. De liberis et quae circa illos cura Cap.

De bis nuptis et novercis Cap. Quomodo se geret cum consanguineis et affinibus Cap.

Quomodo cum filio aut filia coniugata cum genero et nuru Cap. De luctu viduarum Cap. De funere mariti Cap.

De memoria mariti Cap. De continentia et honestate viduae Cap. De secundis nuptiis Appendix Index nominum Index locorum Verba memorabilia.


De Institutione Feminae Christianae – Juan Luis Vives – Google Books

All those interested in the education of women, social historians, student of Renaissance thought, humanism and Neo-Latin literature. GeneralHistory Status: Terms and Conditions Privacy Statement. Sign in ffeminae annotate.