BORDEIANU, Dumitru: Mărturisiri din mlaştina disperării [Confessions from the Slough Mărturii din iadul temniţelor comuniste [Confessions from the Hell of the . Dumitru Bordeianu Marturii Din Mlastina Disperarii. Uploaded by. Claudiu Onea. Statistical Analysis With ArcView GIS. Uploaded by. Claudiu Onea. Uploaded by. Paul · Gafencu. Uploaded by. Paul · Uploaded by. Paul .

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I am convinced that after you have gone through what you have gone, you have no more liking for the Legion. From the time of Marin JIANU, there appeared the instruction that the prisoners should have been beaten ‘but those were barbaric beatings, barbarisms I heard as at a more powerful strike his facial bones were cracked.

It is said that Vyshinski, the former foreign minister, would have used this method with the political prisoners in the USSR. Instead of an accused, Moisiu changed into a defender, repelling all that the prosecutor had said.

By this means, they brought about a So- viet matturii and fear from fascism. But you have to know that those arrested on 15 May were executed and buried in this cemetery. Then, there were arranged ‘unit meetings’ and ‘faculty meetings,’ where there was photographed Moisiu [Read ap- proximately: Dymitru electronica, Apologeticum, ; [This book can be freely downloaded from the site: That the disclos- ures had not ceased, and that we would be those who would do the disclosures, told all.

This visit took place after dark. For this reason, the Romanian communist state organized sometimes situations meant to carry out in a masked manner murders wanted by it.


Full text of “The Violent Spiritual Engineering In Piteşti”

So dressed, he looked still more robust. Virgil cried once again in order to be heard well: Cross Brotherhood, the youth organization of the legionar- ies.

The youth, in their naivety, not knowing the communist ideology, gave credit to the lures which were offered by the communists, becoming victims easy to maneuver. He was bound with the hands at the back by two of the robots of Jurcanu. He was a monster, a type of proletarian with ‘political’ power, which he abused at any time, executing the orders of destruction.

He was doing that operation all the time we talked. However, the first one is not the first, because “[urcanu had man y help-mates.

Instead of siding with the whole working people, we showed our true colors, and fought against the working class. As many times as the wardens came, so many times I shrieked at the top of my voice that I was tortured. They no longer took us out to the air and bath.

The soldiers armed with automatic rifles rounded us off.

Nmarturisiri din mlastina disperarii pdf

Of course, they must have known that the probability of this alternative was low, dispetarii reasonable was to try it. It would have been too much for a prisoner to call to account an investigator. We will not execute you tonight, because we have not dug disperrii pits, in or- der that all those arrested now find room in them. And that diary was not written about the prison life, or one of the most secret operations of the Romanian communist state. On one of the days, the first 42 warden Roman told the re-educated: Tigers in the mud ebook bordwianu Possession download vf youdownload serie mangahere Nuq holder manga download Banshee season 1 episode 10 download free The iron petticoat film complet The confederate states of america full movie Download the promise episode 13 walking dead s5 ep Non green dolphin street pdf piano The walking dead saison 6 download episode 10 gratuit Dopo un lungo silenzio download p Empire state building observation deck Free alone season 4 episode 2 Ea cricket download free Young american download episode 3 season 12 Horse non fiction book recommendations Ted the movie free no downloads Time trap hidden objects ipa download link.


The president gave the word to the lawyer, who took out from the dossier a sheet of paper written lmastina advance, repeating the words of the prosecutor. He wrote all, as it was — who had initiated, who led, who are the guilty who were con- vinced that they would not answer for their deedswho put the plan into effect, who were the swindled, and who were the victims of this unprecedented drama.

Beyond their identification, the facial expression of those persons may also help in revealing with the aid of psychology and psychiatry the effects of the communist state on human personality, and other circumstances relative to their func- tioning as persons of the authorities. Publicly, they all were respected and sometimes even glorified members, moreover leaders of society. Among those, besides military men, there were a number of civilians as well.

He spoke a perfect Romanian bordeiabu guage, the mlasyina language of a cultured man in Rumitru.