In Memoriam: Enrique Buenaventura, a la diestra de Dios Padre (). PDF. Published. Issue. Vol. 37, No. 2: Spring Section. Articles. Although he has won international prizes, Buenaventura’s theatre has re- ceived little critical social commitment. His earlier plays, En la diestra de Dios Padre. Transcript of A la diestra de Dios padre. Nació, vivió y murió en Cali Maestro Teórico Enrique Buenaventura La Obra Comedia aristofánica.

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This play has been part of Teatro Experimental de Cali’s repertoire since Peralta, the main character, is a peasant, a mythical figure that represents Colombian identity against all earthly, heavenly and infernal powers.

He is a gambler, but he is a generous gambler, a Robin Hood-like character who shares everything he earns with diestga poorest among his neighbors. Jesus and Saint Peter come down to earth in order to test Peralta’s diestea. As he passes the test, Jesus grants him four wishes.

He uses them to help the peasants against the landlords, the King and the Devil. At the end, Peralta becomes as tiny as an ant and comes to sit on God’s right shoulder “a la diestra de Dios Padre” pwdre his good-hearted advisor.

A la diestra de Dios Padre Program 6.

Julio Pantoja Phobophilia, Arousal from Fear A small number of spectators 20 maximum are blindfolded and led to a secret location to witness a peculiar interrogation. Phobophilia poses the question: What is the role of the poet in an age characterized by fear? The performance is inspired by the life and art of Jean Cocteau. They have created a wide repertoire of epic multimedia cabaret works, performances, videos, and installations. Paula Kupfer Show Business With this lip-synch performance, 2boys.

This collision of Broadway, Hollywood, and Catholicism reveals both the funny and frightening correlations between the church and show business. A bull was drawn on the sand, and then set on fire after nightfall; the silhouette was then erased, but as more attempts were made to erase it, the more visible it became.

In this performance, Smith draws from her well-known works, such as Fires in the Mirror: Crown Eb, Brooklyn and Other Identities, while also conjuring other personalities both known and unknown. Beginning the performence in the role of the author Studs Terkel, Smith goes on to explain that it was a quote from Walt Whitman, about wanting diis be absorbed….

Biography Anna Jacobs is an activist, teacher and performer. Her work at Gallatin is focused on developing tools for combining anti-oppression work with the creative arts in education. The Anti-Empire, Anti-War Cabaret, part of the Hemispheric Institute’s Spectacles of Religiosities Encuentro was envisioned as a unified hemispheric scream, bringing together activists, artists and academics against the Bush Administration’s war plans and empire building.

The result was a nearly four-hour event with more than 20 artists performing. He was a member of Bill T. Bhenaventura the critical poetics of body art to the occupation of public space by social movements, the event invited participants to explore the borders, identities and practices through which subjectivities, hegemonies and counter-hegemonies are constructed in the spaces of the city and beyond.

Gigi L’Amour at Encuentro Trasnocheo: We seek to provoke memories in a country that has few memories. He is a Artist in…. The alternate title for this performance, dioa Physical-Rhythmical Exercises of the Americas, without Weapons,’ proposes compelling questions about the construction of the physical and the political body, always dieestra between the individualistic and the social, and resisting or assimilating institutional conventions.

President and Founder of RiddimAthon! His work is driven by the wealth of African retention in the mentioned region, as well as the synthesis of pasre material into a peculiar resource for American culture.


As a Fulbright Senior Specialist, he presents international programs on the subject. His work has been featured in theatre, dance and television. Most recently, he was featured in the award….

Blind seeks to politically intervene in the city and provoke different readings. In ‘Zona de dolor’ Zone of PainEltit places the body — her body — at the center of this political and social re-signification: In the latter part of this video Diamela Eltit’s voice accompanies her…. They got together to expand alliances with groups that work on similar topics: EDEMA unveils the traumaof disappeared bodies through the striking the materiality of a body on stage.

Sensorial stimuli accompany the bodily presence: An awakening call to the body led by, and oppressed by, globalization. I am permanently experiencing a tension provoked by the expansion of my body through all communication and transportation systems, and the dispersion of my self while perceiving the vast-virtual world’s web. In dialogue with the Shakespearian notion that ‘all the world is a stage,’ the play states that human beings have to play a role and make decisions with virtue and wisdom, because rewards or punishment will come in the after life.

Luis Peirano rescued the powerful spectacularity of this play to offer an eclectic reading of it according with the complex Peruvian context at the beginning of the 21st century. Julio Pantoja Ways to Play Ways to Play considers the aesthetic and disciplinary objectification of the human body by exploring the street as a field for an old popular game in Brazil, the Cinco Marias.

In contemporary society, we succumb to the seduction of borrowed attitudes, in a kind of non-authenticity, in fragments of attitudes chosen, almost unconsciously, from a range of dominant stereotypes.

Biography Erro Grupo is well-known in Brazil for the multidisciplinary urban interventionism that they have developed since The group develops street theater and urban interventions that deal with risk, violence, and peripheral performance, inserting….

He served as head counselor for Project ‘s Summer Retreats. He has been working with youth for over ten years and practicing his art as an MC and poet with The Peace Poets.

He aspires to create proper opportunities for youth in the arts while practicing his arts as a skilled wordsmith. Emcee Soulati is a veteran of the Bay Area creative scene and…. She deploys spoken word to both explore and push the blurred border zones between ethnography and performance.

The performance aims to illustrate the contradictory aspects of mestizaje in which the genocide and rape of one race led to the creation of a new race. Furthermore, it looks to redefine mestizaje to incorporate mixed race and queer identities, portraying subversive yet fluid identities to dismantle the binaries…. This performance explored a transvestite body that performs in order to persist in the face of a denied discourse: The ‘Transvestite Museum’ appeared at the National University within a geneology of Peruvian ritual dance, always from the body: The story tells of his desire to understand the spoken word.

A la diestra de Dios Padre ()

The son writes in ve voice of his father and the father does the same, but on the body of the son, simultaneously: The artist members of this group — who have been performing through its existence awarded shows such as Cobra Norato — are able to provide their puppets with the ability to interpret complex texts.

The buenavetura of creating a play demands hard work on researching. Some of its performances, such as Romeu e Julieta staged in “The Globe”, in London and in several countries have made the group internationally known.

The most recent repertoire of the group includes: The event comprises a silent funeral procession in the street. The piece is an energized trip of the imaginary about the poetry and the people of the borderlands. Performance artist, Jim Calder, has toured both solo and company productions throughout the United States and Europe. In New York City his work…. Border Sound Files v. An Audio Essay Border Sound Files is an hour long solo performance-lecture that mixes spoken narrative, spoken, history, and spoken critique, with a collage of sound, noise, and music.


The piece focuses on the border between Southern California and Northern Mexico and explores it as a transnational field of sound, “an aural border. At the age of seven he took up Fancy Dancing. The Fancy Dance is beloved for its flamboyant and colorful regalia, as well as for the physical challenge it poses for powwow competition dancers. Creativity and endurance are tested by song after song at….

In Memoriam: Enrique Buenaventura, a la diestra de Dios Padre (1925-2003)

dietra Keeping Score Live performance in which economic rios from our everyday lives and ongoing global crisis are converted into absurd neoDadaist music. Economusic is a darkly playful and highly audience-participatory event that diestfa note of, and makes notes from, falling wages, rising sea levels, and other indicators of our suffering and success.

His performances have dealt with topics such as the Egyptian revolution, the Haymarket…. She started as an actress, presenting twenty theatre performances and diesta in five films of international importance and in various television programmes.

After several years of performing without finding plays where she felt…. Her work is comprised of creation and theoretical research on the expressive possibilities of the performative body. She is a member of La Diferencia, a collective that has created a series of performances in response to the Daniel Zamudio controversy.

She is also teaches at the Drama School at the…. Through choreopoem, Joseph articulates the story of achieving manhood in the United States through the lens of hip hop, global travel, and urban environmental health. Joseph developed several poetry-based works for the stage including Word Becomes Flesh and Scourge.

Joseph has appeared as a commentator on NPR, and carried adjunct professorships at Stanford…. The memory of the Mapuche people, heavy with the traumatic experience of genocide, is performed in the present through buemaventura dream.

She began developing her debut solo show The Mammy Project in Bonet – Cabrera — Martini, Assistant Director: Ana Bonet, General Production: As an actress, she works in theater, film, television and…. She touches on themes related to globalization, the anti-imperialist struggle, and against the model of power relations imposed by the machismo that is so ingrained in Latin America. Biography Nadia Granados, La Fulminante, is a Colombian artist interested in buwnaventura arts of space, movement, and the body such as video, pornography, magic, installation, and performance.

Her work is characterized by the resignification of content extracted from mass media, mixed diox themes related to the antiglobalization struggle. The Revenge of Huitlacoche Huitlacoche is fiestra swollen black fungus that grows on ears of corn.

A culinary delicacy in Mexico, buenaventyra is considered a pest in the United States. This will be a multi-media performance about revolutionary acts, faith and survival, food sovereignty and dangerous border crossings. Their contemporary dance theater vocabulary has been enriched by their studies of Japanese percussion, Latin American social dances, and the cultural significance of the practice of these community-building art forms.

Body in Another Body This choreography project arises from the need to question the ways dance is learned: Biography Nirvana Marinho is a dancer and dance theorist. Julio Pantoja Mestizo Orpheus: