it saves them as separate Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer reports and the only MBSA automatically saves the reports in XML files there’s no “export”. I ran the MBSA tool to get a report of what security updates are loaded on a remote computer. Now I want to print this report out, but there is nothing within the gui. Use the Task Query Baseline Security (MBSA) to identify various risks on The initial report shows the results per issue. Saving and exporting information.

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The Result details window contains details about the vulnerability in this case, weak passwords.

Baseline Security (MBSA) (Query)

Potential problems include weak passwords, Automatic Updates that are not turned on, Firewalls that are not turned on, or applications that need to be updated. You may see esport Internet Explorer — Security Warning window.

The MBS Setup window displays. The screen shot below displays the window that appears after you click on the Result details link. The MBSA scan summary is organized into sections. Click the Install button to start the installation. Visit Microsoft for a list of supported operating systems. MBSA will download the list of latest security catalogue from Microsoft and begin the scan. Use the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer, which can be found at http: Each section may require you to take different actions in order to remediate any problems that have been detected.


It provides various key information about the environment, which can surely be used for something. Visit Microsoft for a list of supported versions of Microsoft Office. Select a destination for the installation and click Next. The screen shot below displays the window that appears after you click on the How to correct this link.

Analyzing the Scan For each vulnerability, MBSA provides additional details about the scan via teport What was scanned link, the Result details link, and the How to correct this link. A yellow X is used when a non-critical check failed for example, an account has a password geport does not expire.

MBSA performs the following actions during a scan: Scans a computer for insecure configuration settings. Select the button next to I accept the license agreement and click Next. The scan will result in an error if these services do not have an exception configured in the Windows Firewall. This script simply gets the list from WSUS and checks whether a report of each machine exists in the report repogt. A yellow X is used for warning messages for example, the computer does not have the latest service pack or update rollupand a blue star is msa for informational messages indicating that an update is not available to the computer because it has not been approved on the Update Services server.

Click Scan a computer. Scores cannot exoort changed or reassigned for system configuration checks. Once the scan is complete, the scan results are shown in an organized report with several sections. This report file is stored on the computer from which you ran the MBSA tool.


It is safe to run this file. Scan this list for any Red Xs.

On the left you will see a column labeled Score. A list of machines is gathered from the WSUS server and stuffed in a file.

The MBSA also provides additional information about the system that was scanned in a separate section. It is of course possible to execute the MBSAcli. From another perspective, the WSUS also acts like a good database of machines in scope. For the administrative vulnerability checksa red X is used when a critical check failed for example, a user has a blank password. WSUS will show the machines overall status including everything.

Get Missing Updates with Powershell and MBSA

Say you have a number of machines, which you want to see the status of from a OS security perspective, but you mbsz not interested in the various other MS products office, Exchange etc.

It also contains links that provide more detailed information, such as What was scannedExpory Details, and How to Correct this. You may see a File Download — Security Warning window. Click this link to open a page with instructions for correcting the problem.

Running updates on your computer will fix these problems.