CIA operative Valerie Plame discovers her identity is allegedly leaked by the Sam Shepard and Naomi Watts in Fair Game () Khaled Nabawy and Liraz Charhi in Joseph Wilson was flattered and excited to be played by Sean Penn’. Fair Game: How a Top CIA Agent Was Betrayed by Her Own Government [ Valerie Plame Wilson, Laura Rozen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. Fair Game is a true story, recounted by Valerie Plame Wilson – the center of a rather Staff Picks: Fair Game: How A Top CIA Agent Was Betrayed By Her Own.

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Chanel Suit Vanessa Chong I enjoyed it a lot.

Valerie Plame Wilson: the housewife CIA spy who was ‘fair game’ for Bush

If you don’t know about it, you’ll be wilsno confused and won’t be as outraged as one should be. A This book should make every American angry.

Not only did they undermine our country’s security and intelligence apparatus but they also undermined and abused our judiciary system to cover their shame and their own dried out crusty asses. The Bush people were shameless when it came to payba I followed her story at the time of its unfolding. If you have any interest, I do recommend reading it! Pages with related products. You wonder about her capacity for endurance and her stubbornness to give up something she knew she was good at.

The Art of Intelligence: Dec 10, Ahed Al Hashmi rated it really liked it Shelves: The afterward by Laura Rozen was extremely helpful in setting a timeline as all details of when certain events occured were censored in Plame’s text. Compiled by Martin Chilton.

Padahal, soal dugaan impor itulah yang dijadikan bukti penting bahwa Irak sedang mengembangkan senjata pemusnah massal. This makes complete sense, of course, because leaking classified information in a personal book would have terrible implications. Aug 11, Jackie rated it did not like it.


Fair Game () – IMDb

It’s riveting, but it also delves into something that feels sort of like a mythical time in the past for those not involved. Wilson ultimately persuades her, however, that there is no other way to fight a power as great as that of the White House for citizens like them. Our marriage is stronger than ever and we survived and we both know more about the other than we ever thought we might. Sue Norbert Leo Butz Surely the US government wouldn’t do this to someone who served their country.

Wilson’s state of mind Plame’s status as a CIA operative is subsequently revealed in the media, the leak possibly coming from White House officials, including the Vice President’s chief of staff and national security adviser, Scooter Libbyin part to discredit her husband’s allegation that the Bush administration had manipulated intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq.

The term “right” and “right wing” is used liberally, but never the word “left”. Edit Storyline Plame’s status as a CIA agent was revealed by White House officials allegedly out to discredit her husband after he wrote a New York Times op-ed piece saying that the Bush administration had manipulated intelligence about weapons of mass destruction to justify the invasion of Iraq.

Plame leaves her husband, further angered by his granting of television and print interviews, which expose them both to public condemnation and death threats.

In fact Cogema, now a subsidiary of Arevais a French parastatal company and uranium extraction in Niger was exclusively controlled by French interests untilwhen bids for exploration permits were opened to some foreign companies led by other interests.

That is why I only give it three stars. And some has been completely false — distorted characterizations of Valerie and her husband and their shared integrity. Miller, in her notebook, had gotten her name wrong, calling her “Valerie Flame” ‘my exotic-dancer stage name,’ Ms.


Wilson, IVhad criticized the George W. She expected to be betrayed by our enemies, not us.

I followed this story for nearly four years, so I was delighted to finally be able to get the story from Valerie Plame Wilson’s point of view. I was so fascinated with the story that I wanted to at least look through Plame’s and Wilson’s books. Beware, CIA made the author blackout a lot of content but, you can read through it and have a good understanding wwilson what took place.

They experienced threats and some weird episodes p,ame their home that made them fear for their children’s safety while they bore the full force of the wrathful Republican noise machine. I was really expecting more. Books In Pictures – the story of love and romance: Retrieved from ” https: We’ll never see it done.

Jez Butterworth John Butterworth. She said she would strip off her blouse and leap wilso bed with her accomplice to provide an alibi. Laura Rozen’s afterwards in the last two CDs reviews the public record and gives th This highly personal memoir, recounts how and why Valerie came to valfrie for the CIA and describes the trauma endured by she and her family due to the betrayal by the administration.

Those who followed the machinations of the cabal that used bogus and cynical claims that Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi armed forces had so-called weapons of mass destruction were familiar with the scurrilous treatment of Valerie Plame, career CIA officer and her husband Joseph Wilson, retired State Department manager and ambassador.