Although you can do a wide range of testing within FontForge itself, you will need to generate installable font files in order to perform real-world testing during the. After testing multiple online tools to extract fonts from PDF files, I found a free software for Windows. FontForge is not an online solution, but. I can see all the font names with Print(FontsInFile(“”)), but when I try to open it with Open(“(Name)”) or Open(“(Number)”) and try.

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You upload a PDF file from which you want to extract the fonts and it will do the needful. FontForge usually does not list pdf files because they aren’t really designed as mechanisms for transporting fonts and most such fonts will be incomplete due to subsetting and other optimizationsbut you can always type in the name of one directly or use the [Filter] button fontforrge define a filter for pdf files.

[HOWTO] Extract Fonts from a PDF File using FontForge

Please also add all the other information that is relevant to the why and how that is still left out even with the addition of new information you provided. Choose the PDF file from your hard drive. As you can see from the screenshot above, it has identified some font types that have been used in the edtract PDF I uploaded. Sorry, don’t know very well how to reply in mailing lists.

Hinting refers to the use of mathematical instructions to render the vector curves in a font in such a way that they line up nicely with the pixel grid of the rasterized output device whether that grid is composed of dots of ink or toner on paper, or luminescent dots on a computer monitor. Easiest of all would be to use an online service, but that would not be a viable option if the material was to remain private.

In reply to this post by Sxtract Verde.

Now all PDF readers seem to render everything correctly, clearly fontforge development haven’t seem to take this situation where two fontobjects with the same BaseFont names are encountered into account or am I missing something in the scripting language?


On Sat, Feb 19, at It is required because the page’s content stream uses both these fonts and the content that uses the Type0 variety is encoded as a hexstring with a Identity-H encoding.

In addition, I’d like to point out that there are several free online services that offer to do just that. No details on the file size were mentioned.

Konwerter will quickly create a zip file with all the fonts used. I hope all the hundreds of fonts you would like to extract from the PDF are ‘free as in freedom’. For TrueType fonts, a few additional steps are required. FontForge is not an online solution, but useful if your work involves working with fonts.

Maybe they were facing server issues at the time, so I will give them the benefit of doubt. Some documents with custom fonts are made as PDFs just for the purpose that those fonts should not be available to everybody. You are reading a PDF file and like the font type. HackSlash 1, 1 6 Select the font you want to extract and click OK. If you do decide your font needs hinting for the benefit of Windows users, your best bet is to build the font without embedded hints, then use a specialized application such as ttfautohint to add hinting after the fact.

Without doubt, you will be back and continue revising and refining your typeface — after all, as you have seen, font design is a highly iterative process. Thanks for the warning. Select your PDF and a “Pick a font” window will open. Choosing the right font type can be an overwhelming task.

You should also simplify your glyphs where possible — not eliminating details, but eliminating redundant points. For a workaround, in: You will use the Generate Fonts tool found in the File menu to build a usable output font regardless of whether you are making it for your own testing purposes or to publish it for consumption by others, but you will want to employ a few extra steps when building the finished product.

Why don’t you promote your comment to an answer by choosing the best option? I am not going to “choose the best option” since best is often subjective and really dependent on the specific situation. Which in turn means if you plan to use said copyrighted font you can get in a lot of trouble.


Deliver compliance at lower cost and gain new business insights.

The Final Output, Generating Font Files

File size is limited to 14MB. It illustrated several methods, which I’ll only list briefly: Extract all fonts inside a PDF file. Check to make sure all the characters you need are displayed and then head over to the Element menu. Bill McGonigle 3. It was definitely that on the Virtual boxes. In addition, there appear to be free online services that do this. It is crisp, easy to read, fonntforge looks beautiful. There is an identical question on Stackoverflow that already has an excellent and highly upvoted accepted answer.

Though bear in mind: Why do you need to extract both fonts if they’re the same font? FontForge can also read many fontfodge out of a pdf file.

Extract all fonts inside a PDF file

FontForge cannot merge shapes if one of the shapes is traced in the wrong direction that is, if the outermost path is counterclockwise. Validate Your font should pass the required validation tests exrract you generate your final output. In reply to this post by Gustavo Ferreira-3 Thanks for the warning. Seems that simply it isn’t still completely developed. But the next time you resume work on your font, you will definitely want to pick up where you left off in the original, individual-glyph-component-filled version.

Design With FontForge: The Final Output, Generating Font Files

This was often necessary back in the days of Postscript output and the practice is still held over today even though it’s not really necessary.

As discussed earlier, it is a good idea to place on-curve points at the extrema of every glyph as you edit.

In addition, your ultimate goal is, of course, to create a font that you can make available in an output format for other people to install and use. Yes, not every font is free. The site is a fontfrge slower than the previous one I tested but gets the job done.