FORTRESS DRACONIS: Book One of the DragonCrown War Cycle. Michael A. Stackpole, Author. Bantam Spectra $ (p) ISBN In an age of treachery and peril, a young thief may be the prophesied savior or the betrayer of the world. Once one of the grandest of human. Fortress Draconis (DragonCrown War, book 1) by Michael A Stackpole – book cover, description, publication history.

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Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Once you have your podcatching software installed on your computer, you can subscribe to Fortress Draconis: During the course of the book, she never fails at anything she attempts, and everyone heaps praise on her, feeding into her delusions of grandeur.

She is perfect in almost every way, and frequently complains that her superiors fortrees as strategically gifted as her. After The victory she is taken to Yslin by King Augustus in order to help him influence the Okrannel refugees in the city during the Harvest festival. Also by Michael A.

Fortress Draconis: The Podcast |

They each fight an army drwconis by a sullanciri. Kerrigan Reese, on the other hand, is very powerful and talented mage, but since he was raised with minimum social contacts he is almost helpless outside his study room. But it wouldn’t help with firtress flat, utterly nondescript characters.

Alyx and Crow who’s sham wedding had grown dracomis real love are visited by Crow’s old friends, Rounce and Naysmith. The time shift between this and the Dark Glory War was a bit jarring.


Without thinking Will leaps and saves the heartstone but ends up falling into the lava himself. I should applause the author for character of Markus Adrogans. They had created 4 new magical swords, each with a piece of Temmer placed inside of it.

Maybe that would’ve helped with the lore context. I really liked this beginning to a series of books. He waits all night for the Vorquelf, Predator, to go to sleep.

The DragonCrown War Cycle – Wikipedia

Stackpole has published a prequel in mass market paperback, The Dark Glory War I strongly draconos reading the prequel before this book. The plot is fairly standard – young boy, unaware of his destiny, is sought by others who know that the boy is the key to saving the world.

On pourra toute fois regretter le peu de temps pris sur les batailles ayant lieux prenant rarement plus de quelques pages. Maybe that would’ve helped I gave this book pages out of its something to convince me to keep reading it.

My favorite is Resolute. Luckily another dragon materializes, wounds the golden dragon, destroys the pirates’ flagship and flies away carrying its younger brethren in its massive claws.

Almost no description I still can’t remember if it’s Resolute or Kedryn’s Crow who’s the elf; it’s that bad. The main cast of heroes is stopped on the road as they lead the refugees back towards the south. Oct 15, Anthony Sako rated it liked it Shelves: Will, Resolute, Alyx, Kerrigan and their allies are being led by Orosian soldiers towards the capital city of Meredo. Kerrigan also fortres his way there after being rescued from the sea by his fortres Orla and a Panqui named Lombo.


The DragonCrown War Cycle

Like all those subject to her control, Will, a young thief, despises Chytrine. However at the kings meeting draconix is decided not to destroy the dragoncrown draconiw return their truestones to their waiting bodies mainly because draaconis trust Kerrigan after him taking over Vilwan.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The characters are relatively two-dimensional and completely predictable, and it seems that much of the attention that should have gone towards character development instead went to describing siege engines and such.

They pass through a town called Stellin that should be peaceful but is on edge because of recent gibberer incursions. But their belief in Will finds few allies in a world torn by war and magick.

The Black Dragon is a member of secret society that Alyx was inducted to during the events of the last book. In these battles they are greatly aided by a magical sword Temmer discovered by Leigh Norrington.