A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Species of Spaces and Other Pieces by Georges Perec. George Perec is an author whose work fills me with delight, Species of Space and the other pieces found in this collection are wonderful. Buy Species of Spaces and Other Pieces (Penguin Classics) New Ed by Georges Perec (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low.

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Chi sceglie gli itinerari e in funzione di cosa?

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces – Georges Perec – Google Books

It is poignant, extraordinary, while it never rises above concrete description. A User’s Manual or Georgge Or The Memory Of Childhood, which was written at the same time and isn’t entirely unrelated, especially when he tests his theories on Auschwitz and his hypothetical childhood at the end.

Georges Perec kf an archivist and writer who died in Paris inof cancer, at forty-six. A puzzle, recurring styles, so many good meals and sunburns.

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces

I am even on the couch this very moment at 5: Mi piacerebbe ideare e risolvere problemi analoghi a quello dei ponti di Koenigsberg, o, per esempio, trovare un itinerario che, attraversando tutta Parigi, passi soltanto per strade che cominciano con la lettera C. Correction 3 11 Nov 15, Not at all satisfying. Not in the “outer space” astronomical sense, but rather in the sense of how we take up space – how we inhabit it, how we imbue it. His observations, ruminations “We don’t think enough of staircases”asides “I write in the margin”, he writes in the marginquotes, and longer expositions really pierce all these spatial concepts.


There are times when Perec is interesting, insightful, or charming, and there are other times and these are the majority when he is ostentatiously dull.

Georges Perec was born in Paris, the son of Polish Jews. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Seas used as fo dump, coastlines bristling with barbed wire, earth bare of vegetation, mass graves, piles of carcasses, boggy rivers, towns that smell bad The uninhabitable: He was quite the wordsmith.

I love the list of everything he ate for a year. Not just observation exercises, it goes deeper than that. But I like it when Georges Perec does.

Species of Spaces and Other Pieces by Georges Perec

Staircases We don’t think enough about staircases. Not “without exact function”, but exactly without function; not multi-functional anyone can do that but afunctional. We don’t question it, it doesn’t question us, it doesn’t seem to pose a psrec, we live it without thinking, as if carried within neither questions nor answers I travel to cafes and apartments and streets and metros and countrysides. We witness the death of the street as it was. After his father was killed in the Army, and peref mother deported to Auschwitz where she later died, Perec was adopted by his aunt and uncle.

Ah, Georges, language as celebration; language as game; language as play. It is a great introduction to his style; if you can’t get into this, don’t bother with Perec. This ;erec not nearly as obvious, however.


A little later on you discover in ‘Reading: On to the neighbourhood. If you want beautifully rendered belles-lettres about everything and nothing, then he should be right up your alley.

He gives years for each of the wines.

But some of his paragraphs are very nice. Perec is noted for his constrained writing: There are three lamps from a set—housewarming gifts from, I believe, my sister.

They are expected to form a line, and it’s a serious defect in them when they don’t do so.

Had he been around for longer, I am sure his work would have got better and better. Indian catching sight of Christopher Columbus Spaces is hardly one of Perec’s greatest works – quite a few times, it reads more like a scrapbook of ideas, thinking aloud to himself, trying out concepts at one point he perecc that he’s trying to write Life: If you want a plot, or if spexies want a cohesive argument, then Perec isn’t for you.

In other sections there are other attempts to classify, survey, set fast: Normally, I don’t like it when folks do that.

This constraint affects even the title, which would conventionally be spelt Revenantes. Species of Space It opens with this: