Georges Bataille () was a French writer, essayist, and philosopher whose works include The Story of the Eye, The Blue of Noon, The Accursed Share. In George Bataille’s three volume The Accursed Share, he imagines a primitive subsistence society that gathers just a little more food or other. This essay addresses Georges Bataille as a historical thinker by concentrating on The Accursed Share (three volumes, ), the text.

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Touchstone Terms: The Accursed Share

The project he sets out in the introductory chapters is the development of a “general economy”: Still a really enjoyable read and I’m interested to read volumes 2 and 3.

But Bordun is tenacious as well as sensitive, and the resulting work is a fine piece of philosophical writing.

Rather than the intimacy one finds in an expending of his excess goods, Native potlatch turn goods back into things for specific use AC1, Totally cogent and elegant. The individual is obliterated in a sharing of his personalized encounter with death.

The Accursed Share: An Essay on General Economy, Volume I: Consumption

Bataille makes this quite clear: Charles E Merrill Publishing Co, Gifts can only be given unstintingly ON, xxvii. Evolutions and Atavisms in Culture, New York: Certainly, at first sight, this seems false. When traveling, traversing seas and mountains entirely alone, we communicate with locals and others engaged in the same kind of journey. It is quite possible to have the state own everything and still convert all gifts to capital, as Stalin demonstrated.

We leave our backpack at the hostel and stand alongside others on the banks of the Arno River in Florence talking about love and philosophy until the early morn. Bataille’s Ritual sacrifice, potlatches, conquest, festivals, opulence and luxury, lavish public works–avenues through which given social formations must expend their surpluses or risk descending into famine, imperial wars, genocide, mass unemployment, etc.


The Accursed Share – Wikipedia

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. With his concern being the global movement of energy and wealth Bataille provides us with multiple historical accounts of cultures and societies either expending or conserving their excesses.

I baaille truly given myself in a caress. So we find intimacy on a large scale in the equal distribution of energy wealthor at the personal level between individuals recklessly expending their energy, e. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. With echoes of Marx, the modern Bourgeois world inaugurates the separation of these spheres alongside the transition whereby the surplus product becomes redirected back into into production itself and not squandered but used to further multitply production.

Who are the bigger fools in this story, the drug dealers or motorists?

This good expenditure I call the gift of presence. Giving, by abnegating ownership of resources, puts the giver at risk. But it should be clear, given the accounts of self-consciousness and potlatch, Bataille would not be an advocate of consumer culture. Though Bataille continues to deal with religion and ritual in shaare book, his concerns are more classically Anthropological than in Theory of Religion population growth, scarcity, social structure etc.

We plant ourselves in the middle of the Piazza del Campo in Siena on a sunny afternoon, discussing our lives and experiences over wine with those who happen to pass by.

Ghe pure expenditure is near: The section that follows explains wasting energy in suffering. The Accursed Share and Me: Intimacy is never separated from external elements, without which it could not be signified. Still, the remainder is a kind of live grenade in an egalitarian culture. Excess thus presents us with far more problems than scarcity does: Heidegger’s claim that for Nietzsche, nihilism defines some kind of a-historical key to understanding all of Western history seems to me to be reproduced in its entirety and fallibilityby suggesting that the economy has its own ‘will to nothingness’.

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The wild exuberance of life necessarily entails death, the equalizing of a universal movement of energy. Crucial to the formulation of accursde theory was Bataille’s reflection upon the phenomenon of potlatch.

That is to say, totality is simultaneously the norm of procedure as well as the instrumental result of our social desires. This is why self-consciousness is itself a goal, an ethical guide. He seeks out Ailie and they catch up on old 63 F.

In the Accursed Share this is tye natural biological reality of our eco-sphere, all things try to grow, where this growth is limited, an excess of energy is produced. With pride and satisfaction our friends and 19 Marcel Mauss, The Gift: In a world of despair and emptiness, all batai,le have is each other: In these cases no communication transpires between oneself and others in that location; we sit on the beach or beneath the Eiffel Tower conversing about the scenery with our spouse or friends.

Critique of Dialectical Reason. View all 5 comments.

What Bataille tries to show is that Sade takes eroticism to its own conclusion, we might be repulsed by the acts, but they are to be viewed as accureed excess rather than completely abnormal and abberant. Consumption by Georges Bataille .