In Black Sun, Goodrick-Clarke comprehensively reviews the post-war Neo-Nazi movement ranging from Miguel Serrano’s Esoteric Hitlerism to Nordic racial. Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke has asserted his right to be identified as the author of Black sun: Aryan cults, esoteric Nazism and the politics of identity /. Nicholas. The late Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke was a much-respected scholar of Western esoteric traditions, most famous for his book The Occult Roots of.

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New York University Press,pages. Black Sun by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke is about the proliferation of fascist ideology in post-war culture, especially since The author, one of the best historians of the roots of Nazism and its post-war tentacles, weaves in and out cclarke occult beliefs and myths without falling prey to exaggeration or fascination.

But Goodrick-Clarke left me a little uneasy. He begins his survey with the origins of American neo-Nazism and takes us through the labyrinth of extreme right-wing groups in Europe and the United Kingdom that include black-metal bands as well as active anarchist movements.

Black Sun ends with a chapter about conspiracy beliefs and the New World Order. Here, Goodrick-Clarke describes the neo-fascist fear of a liberal, Jewish, Illuminati network that includes aliens in spaceships, with Jan van Helsing and Bill Cooper Behold a Pale Horse as two of the prominent although nutty theorists. The cover features a black sun disk with a Sig rune slash underneath. The author tells us goodirck some Nazi pilots toward the end of the war in painted the black sun symbol on their aircraft.


Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity. By Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke

I got the impression from this book that neo-fascists have blurred the lines between their agendas and those of the New Age movements that also wish to transform the self and the world with magic, self-realization, and global transformation. We learn that what distinguishes most fascist groups is their Futuristic i.

Goodrick-Clarke mentions that Charles Manson and his followers also believed in violence and a race war as a way to a more perfect world. The author connects the two year-olds who slaughtered 12 students and one teacher in at Littleton, Colorado to neo-Nazis.

Black Sun (Goodrick-Clarke book) – Wikipedia

Their favorite singer was Marilyn Manson, a transvestite, shock rocker who combines elements of Charles Manson, Goth style, and idiosyncratic depravity on stage. A new wave of white power, shock rock appeared in the final decade of the twentieth century in Norway, headed by Euronymous and its demented lyrics. More interesting to me are chapters about the influential theorists:. Savriti Deviaka Maximiana Portaswho wrote extensively about her theories of Aryan origins in an ancient Arctic culture.

Devi borrowed heavily from B. Tilak, who wrote The Arctic Home in the Vedas Devi, a Hilter devotee who saw him as an Avatar in the Vedic model, is influential among skn white-power radicals, despite her Hindu leanings.


Miguel Serrano, who developed an esoteric Hitlerism with more anti-Semitic mythology. Serrano borrowed heavily from Gnostic myth to create a sinister agenda throughout Jewish history.

Francis Parker Yockeywho committed suicide while in FBI custody after a career as a neo-fascist agent throughout Europe and America. Yockey wrote Imperiuma voluminous account of Western heritage that approves of anti-Zionist efforts. Earlier, I mentioned that I was uneasy with this book.

Primarily, I find it disturbing to learn that so many hate groups thrive today. I am not convinced that Xlarke is the future threat that it once was. And this is the main point of the book: There is a persistent dark or shadow side of our humanity that, for whatever reason, chooses to destroy what it dislikes rather than attempt to resolve the differences.

I recommend Black Sun as a compelling read. Book Review – Black Sun. More interesting to me are chapters about the influential theorists: