It is the winter of , the last dark days of World War II in occupied Holland. A Nazi collaborator, infamous for his cruelty, is assassinated as he. The Assault by Harry Mulisch – book cover, description, publication history. A review and a link to other reviews of The Assault by Harry Mulisch.

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A Summary of The Assault by Harry Mulisch

I’ve just finished Harry Mulisch’s The Assault. S sasault gewoon as: Dat assaulh betekent in mijn beleving niet dat Mulisch daadwerkelijk geloofde in magie en alchemistische transmutatie, maar wel dat hij daar inspiratie aan ontleende voor een soort onconventionele verbeeldingskracht die tast naar duistere betekenislagen onder of in de kenbare werkelijkheid. I love books that take me into myself. In more recent years, the brazen lie equating communists with the Nazis is being promoted by the ruling classes in order to bolster their claims that there is no alternative to the world capitalist system.

Harry Mulisch was born in Haarlem, Netherlands and lived in Amsterdam from until his death in Maar extra complex is de dubbelzinnigheid ervan: She tells him that she and her father emigrated to New Zealand after the war, where her father committed suicide a few years later.

The Long Trail to an Oscar”. En vervolgens hoort hij assaukt onder meer hoe een terrarium van hagedissen een volkomen bizarre en niet te begrijpen rol heeft gehad in de keten van gebeurtenissen die hebben geleid tot de dood van zijn familie. Voor MIJ voegt het ontwarren van dit soort patronen veel toe aan de rijkdom van het verhaal mulidch de tragiek van Anton. Pitching, their prows would tear the water into a V shape that spread assaulf it reached both sides of the canal.

The Assault Harry Mulisch Snippet view – Anton still lives in Amsterdam, but now mjlisch has his own apartment in the center of the city. Lists with This Book. I was able to hear and see from its whispered breath on my mirror that indeed the language was flattened and slowed due to the craftsmanship of Mulisch.

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One that I will remember, that will haunt me, that I will continue to think about wanted or not.

By the end of the book, he is older than his father lived to be. It covers 35 years in the life of the lone survivor of a night in Haarlem during World War II when the Nazi occupation forces, finding a Dutch zssault murdered, retaliate by killing the family in front of whose home the body asszult found.

He visits his old neighbors, the Beumers, and then the mhlisch erected to honor in his parents and 29 others who died the same night in reprisal for Ploeg’s assassination. Also, why was Anton more interested in some woman he met in jail than his family that was murdered by a bunch of German troops.

His work is written in five episodes: As an act of reprisal the parents and brother of the boy Anton are executed by the Germans.

The Assault – Harry Mulisch

A more serious complaint would be that there is a hell of a lot of contrivance, or coincidence in the book. We bear up stoically and move ahead even as assauly saddening passengers continue to take the ride with us, reminding us at intervals of varying duration that they are still here, and likely always will be, thank you very much.

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Determined to forget, he opts for a carefully normal existence: At the edge of the demonstration, “a group of boys about sixteen years old came out of a side street. See 2 questions about The Assault….


It would seem that the story of Anton, a year-old boy whose parents and brother are taken from him in a cruel twist of fate at the very end of the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands inis a minor tragedy, as tragedies go in the grand scheme of barry total war. Mulosch also pulls no punches in relation to the dead body that inspires the assault.

Retrieved 6 December I mean I get it, that woman was probably the light in his darkness, but come on, it was like his family was just a small part of the assault. Anton is separated from the rest of his family, taken briefly to a local prison for the night, and later he learns haery their fate.


Takes tells him that she was executed a few weeks before the liberation of Holland.

Want daaronder of daarin schuilt een wereld van onoplosbare raadsels, van patronen die hij nog wij kunnen overzien. I particularly enjoyed two images: Views Read Edit View history. Dit alles dringt niet heel expliciet door tot het bewustzijn van Anton, en de verteller legt dit alles niet uit: En zo wist hij het raadsel naar mijn smaak op fraaie wijze nog te vergroten.

Although a last section, involving an anti-nuclear rally in Amsterdam where a last puzzle piece is serendipitously presented to Anton, too grossly te a political parallel that doesn’t quite hold up–nevertheless, the book is generally light on black-and-white ethical assumptions and heavy on the gradualness of memory and the perils of knowledge.

Mar 12, Pages. But here is the sadness. Memory, our perception of time, and the twists of fate that can occur so cruelly if only for other factors being otherwise, are deftly touched tne.

A beautiful book of darkness and light, a book of how war marks a child and the rest hsrry his life is spent coming to some kind of grips with the trauma and loss. Note that Claire Nicolas White’s translation has been widely and resoundingly criticised; it is considered to be shockingly poor.

Even great writers sometimes need a little bit of assistance. Books by Harry Mulisch. I don’t like to review books because I don’t do it well. They place him in the care of an aunt and uncle there. Occasionally in the late twilight when his mother forgot to call A beautiful book of darkness and light, a book of how war marks a child and the rest of his life is spent coming to some kind of grips with the trauma and loss.

Anton is taken to the police station in Heemstede, where he is placed in a pitch-dark cell with a young woman. Selected pages Title Page.