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Contrary to general opinion, susceptibility has nothing to do with a “weak will. You are rooted to the ground. It is well to bear this stage technique in mind when we consider the real nature of hypnotism in Chapter III.

If we question him afterward, we find that he heard the challenge, was certain that he could move the muscles in question if he wished to, but he just couldn’t be bothered to hypnosia.

Once discovered, these truths are handed over to the public. There appears to be no difference. Some people are so extremely hypnosiz to hypnotism that at times we get curious results even when using a victrola record.

Estabrooks – Hypnotism – 2 | Perfidious Albinos

Hypnotism is now investigated in the laboratory by the scientist. G.a.estarooks is always that very interesting possibility of hypnotism over the radio. The writer was demonstrating hypnotism before a group of medical students. There is no mention at all of “will power,” for it has nothing to do with hypnotism.


You will not wake up until I tell you, but will stand up, walking in your sleep as you have undoubtedly seen many sleep walkers. Hypbosis fact, suggestion appears to be the key of hypnotism.

The feebleminded are notoriously hard to hypnotize, as are also same classes of the insane, as the schizophrenics.

In general, the individual who talks in his sleep will be a good subject. Scientific research gives no basis whatsoever for such an idea. Another most interesting way of inducing the trance is by means of the victrola record.

The man expected to be hypnotized, was an excellent subject, and his own imagination did the rest. You cannot bend your right arm. So far as the writer can see, it makes very little difference if we start with the eyes open or closed.

You cannot move it. That is his problem. For example, it is quite impossible for you to stand up.

Estabrooks – Hypnotism – 2

There has been a great deal of work done with drugs as an aid to hypnosis, all to practically no end. They were all seated comfortably, the writer reached for the record-and it wasn’t there. It is now so very easy to record the human voice that there will undoubtedly be a great future for this technique.

Then it might be very useful from the medical angle, when the subject is being treated for, say, alcoholism or stammering.

One must have more than a mere passing interest in the subject if he is to settle down and really master hypnotism. But we can still do considerable to save ourselves time and trouble. To them such questions were merely side issues, and very unpleasant side issues at that.


We hear a great deal about the subject refusing to awaken from hypnotism.

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So the hypnotist proceeds at once. He still has several steps to make. It is very useful g.a.eztabrooks experimental work, where the psychologist in his laboratory wishes to be sure that his bj are receiving exactly the same instructions as are those in the laboratory of a colleague 1, miles away. The entire group is told to awaken-just a precaution as almost never will anyone go into trance at such short notice-and next the operator asks them to clasp hands, following this by the usual challenge.

Everything went very nicely until the operator said, “I am now going to ask you a few simple questions which you will answer. So the first concept we get of hypnotism is that curious picture of an unconscious mind controlled by the conscious mind of the operator. You are losing your balance and are falling backward. My Exit page for Scientologists and ex-members.