The Polish journalist whose The Soccer War and The Emperor are counted as classics of contemporary reportage now bears witness in Imperium to the. Journalist Kapuscinski (The Soccer War) wandered across the Soviet Union from to His rewarding, sharply observed travelogue illuminates the. Imperium. Ryszard Kapuscinski, Author, Klara Glowczewska, Translator Vintage Books USA $16 (p) ISBN

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The rummaging, the plunging in, the pulling out, the shaking about.

Although we are one family, we became strangers to ourselves – we speak different languages, evolved in different cultures, belong to different nations. There are whispers of the rise of the oligarchs and somewhere lurking is in the frozen mist is Putin.

The opening, the unfastening, the untying, the disemboweling. It traverses the same roads again and again over time, it returns to immense crime scenes and it ponders a policy of ecological suicide.

I look around and I see barbarity! Aug 19, Kirstie rated it it was amazing.

Imperium (Polish book) – Wikipedia

At the end of the main street one can see oblong, flat buildings impfrium the horizon-those are the barracks of the old camps. Imperium is a collection of the author’s memories, thoughts and ijperium which he gathered while travelling across its vast territory, visiting the forgotten nooks and crannies of Central Asia and the Far North, as different as night is from day.


Please try again later. There are treasures in this book.

What about Anna Andreyevna?

Ryszard Kapuscinski has lived through the Soviet Union during its worst stretches of tyranny, and is now a dutiful chronicler of its long dissolution. Retrieved from ” https: An these two aged woman at the bis stop? What is a scriptorium? Now the icy cold made the pain unbearable. The Last of the Soviets by Svetlana Alexievich Every road seems to be without end in this ocean of white steppe, which kapuscinskk the pride and curse of Russians; the same immense, mighty and majestic landscape is overwhelming with its magnitude, sucking away all the energy necessary for normal life.

By the time the USSR was coming to pieces, it was clear it no longer had the wherewithal to perpetuate its existence. In the first part of book, it was obvious that author couldnt write freely about political situation, thus his remarks were mainly limited on describing culture and daily life of numerous nations trapped in huge soviet Imperium.

The book is both a personal travelogue and a memoirdivided into three parts. A beautifully crafted book detailing imperijm author’s travels through significant swathes of the old Soviet Union.

LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Warnings about how one shouldn’t sleep in freezing temperatures, for that means death were of no use.

Armenian consciousness was kapusfinski infused with a sense of impending ruin. Except, kapuecinski was much more than that. Kapusinski it was only one among the many dangers bearing down on them: Hands kapuxcinski feet went nub. In consequence, I didn’t find here anything really captivating but I think it may be very interesting and easy to read for people knew to the subject.


The roots of these regions were sown thousands of years ago, though their current predicaments are a results of the chaos of a multitude of collapses occurring in the Russian Empire in some form or another.

The nomenklaturathe Soviet ruling class, are fleeing Eastern Europe like the British or the French or the Portugese fled Africa, out of fear that their former colonial subjects would start some uprising to avenge the past. The ship will sink, but let the captain’s log remain A dismal, lifeless emptiness. Mother gave me permission and we went to Zawalna Street. When I still see some people vindicating the figure of Stalin or communism, it seems to me they are even worse than nazis, they are the most repugnant and vile beings.

Rusty carcasses of ships, rotting watchtowers, deep holes which kapusinski kind of ore was once extracted. His writing is dispassionate, even when describing the enormous environmental destruction wrought by the Soviets in Central Asia.