8 E. Bakonis, Ar „taikūs“ lietuviški istorijos vadovėliai? Taikos klausimai . Vadovėlis 9 klasei, Vilnius: Kronta, ; (The history of modern times. From the great. ISTORIJA. 1 9 9 9. X L. Tautos budimas ir blaivybės sąjūdis tiems valstiečiams: kyklai, A. Jakučionis rašė, kad istorijos vadovėlis pra- keturias klases. lietuvos istorija pagrindinei mokyklai su regioninės istorijos elementais . 9. Soros. Trinamosios girnos. Akmeniniai kapliai ir seniausieji arklai. Moliniai indai .

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Lithuanian soldiers distinguished themselves in the Battle of Philippopolis Praeities rekonstrukcija XX a. For instance, a textbook for the fifth grade includes a topic National Minorities in Lithuania from the Establishment of the State to the Present with an assignment to find out how many different nationalities currently live in their area and what their differences and similarities with Lithuanians are Besides, these questions can act as review questions for vaddovelis.

The researcher argued that a textbook should appeal to students and motivate them to study4. Therefore, students can compare the history of their home locality lstorijos those of their classmates who might be from a different area. Foreign political, economic and cultural history is linked to Lithuania. Briedis also offers a variety of assignments and projects for lower grades.

Authors only explained in great detail the information established in the teaching curriculum. Students realise that history can be closer to them. The textbook History of Ancient Civilizations 26 includes the topic Hittite Civilization and its subsection entitled Hittites and Lithuania. It could also be mentioned that this study did not reveal the content and usability of the digital history textbook in great detail.

Ramses II, Darius4 klasie the most important dates e. Additionally, a variety of sources, such as memoirs and photographs, can supplement political and economic history. This trend became especially apparent in lower grades. Currently, plenty of history textbooks include the assignments of such type. This victory vadoveliis the threat of Islam to Europe. First of all, not all history textbooks were analysed.


Methodology This is a qualitative study where secondary school history textbooks served as the source and focus of the study. Over the last two decades researchers have produced very few academic publications, which focused on history textbooks.

Under the Soviets, all history textbooks were written in Russian and published in Moscow. The planning and incorporation of sources for history projects is integrated as well. The list includes the names of villages, lakes, rivers, forests, and hills that are closely related to pagan gods, goddess, and their rituals The other two publishing houses, Tyto alba and ELN, have published only one or two textbooks; however, as these textbooks feature considerable differences in their content, style and layout, they were also chosen for further analysis.

Junior secondary school includes grades seven through ten where the emphasis is on Lithuanian and world history from ancient times to the present. Table 3 describes the number of historical sources used in history textbooks.

They identify the contributions of the famous and well known personalities from their area. For example, in the textbook Ancient History: Before the series appeared, separate textbooks were used to present the history of Lithuania and the world.

This innovation received widespread popularity among students, which was followed by the decrease in the interest in the digital textbook.

Textbooks and study exercises

In, several historians and textbook authors attended the Georg Eckert Institute for International Textbook Research in Brunswick Germany.

Sources and literature 1. He described how the pasha, the high-ranking officials of the Ottoman Empire, ruled Egypt from a unique Lithuanian point of view. Until the major innovations and changes occurred within history teaching content, klasie included new topics and themes, new previously neglected facts and evaluations.

The article analyses recent innovations in Lithuanian history textbooks. VPU leidykla,p. It presents the results of the analysis of three different textbooks for the tenth grade Istorijoe the 20th century textbook topics on daily life include Changes in Daily Life: What is more, the author did not carry out a survey of students, which could give the insights into how effective these innovations are. Sometimes, it can be a hypothesis devised by Lithuanian researchers which is relevant for vadove,is time and forgotten nowadays; yet in other cases it can be various facts about the direct contacts and collaboration between Lithuania and other countries or simple family relations.


Teachers follow up by explaining the main ideas, objectives, and themes only after students share their knowledge. First of all, a large number of assignments and questions were unclear, and of no benefit for educational purposes. Help Center Find new research papers in: This co-operation provided Lithuanian specialists with new insights into creating the most effective educational materials, including textbooks. Vilniaus pedagoginis universitetas,p. Since a large number of illustrations with accompanying texts and assignments have been integrated into textbooks.

Some textbook chapters start by explaining what students will learn by listing the most important questions to deal with. Some authors explain at the beginning of the chapter what students will learn and what skills and knowledge they will gain. Cultural, educational and societal history was only presented as a peripheral afterthought.

Nemokami pratybų atsakymai,vadovėlių atsakymai – – Naujienos

The last five years showed a tendency to use a large number of history sources and related assignments. How to Analyse a Painting? The newer generation of textbooks did not gain popularity. In the institute organised seminars and workshops for history textbook authors where tutors from the UK and Germany specialising in the creation of educational material gave lectures and seminars to share their best practices. Therefore, authors started using the citations from the sources in the text to guide teachers to use the material in the correct sequence.