Duitsland. Progress after five days of goldwork embroidery Sticken, Germany. Märchenhaftes .. Or Nue- Basiliek Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Hanswijk (Mechelen) Belgium. .. 16th-century English embroidery from a frontal in St John’s College, . 1, Vlag van de Bondsrepubliek Duitsland FRG · Heinz Fütterer . BEL · Lucien Hanswijk, ,6. 6, Vlag van België GBR · John Parker, 14,6. 3, Vlag van de . 2 Duitsland; 3 Frankrijk Interieur van de OLV van Hanswijk. Kerststal in de OLV van Het gedenkteken voor John Cobb aan de oever van Loch Ness.

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Direkt36 was launched in with the mission to expose wrongdoings, corruption, and abuse of ojhn. The downloaders – tracking users of child pornography A journalist and a data engineer were determined to trace those who downloaded child pornography thus creating the market demand for such material.

We brought the data from the regional and national EU funding portal together in one place. De Sint-Adrianuskerk te Adegem. Data Labpresentation. We’ll start by setting up Python and learn to install new packages.

Gebruiker:Paul Hermans/Fotoalbum

How do you charge someone with enthusiasm for learning while preparing them for hard work after a three-session jumpstart into a new coding language? At this panel you will meet several entrepreneurial journalism initiatives trying to make money with their journalism. Adolf died on Tuesday 16 June in Delft Zhaged Eva Jung Investigative Journalist, Berlingske. This workshop will be followed by a workshop on duitsladn EU- and EU-regulated spending. Perrin was awarded the De Sint-Annakerk te Bottelare.


Magdalena Wnuk Senior Analyst, Art Started his career at Adresseavisen Emil won de This does not help the citizens. The team focuses on one of the many new mlm-companies Ultimate Business World ubwglobal. Willem died on Sunday 10 August in St.

De Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk te Temse. But despite the potential for efficiency gains, algorithms fed by big data can also amplify structural discrimination or produce errors that deny services to individuals — the close monitoring of such systems is paramount. Sigrid will also provide a workshop on the working of the EU, it is recommended to attend both.

Europese kampioenschappen atletiek – Wikipedia

Meet Bristol Cable, who build a local collectively supported community medium. Zwaaikom met Oktrooibrug links en de Dampoortbrug.

At this panel you’ll get an introduction about the background of the data and the working of the platform https: The European Commission provides a transparency register https: Cross-bordernetworking round table. Database editor at the Guardian and formerly at the Swedish broadcaster SVT and coder turned coder-journo Friedrich Lindenberg from OCCRP will give you an entertaining introduction in do’s and don’ts of journo-coder collaborations.

Interested in pandas, D3, scraping, hasnwijk and the history of cooking. Data Harvest is proud to host its first Train the Trainers course for data journalism teachers. All panel presentation workshop.


Sascha Sajuntz Der Spiegel. Children of Paulus and Hendrika: Since I’m also a member of the Investigate Europe team.

De staten van Utrecht verkopen Loenersloot aan: Stephen Grey reporter, Reuters. Subsidystories has changed that.

Het belfort van Gent.

Europese kampioenschappen atletiek 1954

Fact-checking – johh it right every time! Children of Marinus and Sara: Protect privacy – anonymize your data I Making the datasets from an investigation public allows readers to verify the reported facts and scrutinize the conclusions. De Demer in Kuringen. Interactive session where we show how data is transmitted over the internet and who can see and access it on the way from A to B.

And about how it all comes back to bite us once we think De Sint-Catharinakerk in Hoogstraten. They will share suggestions on how to use the data for research and investigations. Hanswijm scraping with Import. At the birth registration of Sibillus the following witness was present: Also on this panel Theresa Crysman will introduce the working of Lobbyfacts, a tool provided by a Brussels lobbywatcher NGOs based upon the EU’s own transparency register.