Jodan does not have the variety of waza that you have in chudan, .. never Anna !!! Theres 5 years of kendo material on this website enjoy!. JODAN NO KAMAE KENDO (上段の構え剣道) has members. Grupo creado para aprendizaje, difusión y discusión acerca de JODAN NO KAMAE en.

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As far as I know there are 3 main methods of performing Katate-Waza from Jodan, these are and these are only my pet names for these techniques 1: Accordingly, if you do the opposite and use a long tsuka, you get a comfortable stance with some depth. I was really nervous as I scrolled down the result page to find my student number. Then Chiba Sensei tried to twist my head to the right too.

Sam Murray I have just started taking jodan as my stance due to an injury and it really is difficult oendo a very strong grounding in kenro basics. My top tip for practicing Jodan is to do it sitting at home in your living room. However I believe, that your purpose in Kendo is not victory, but self development. In order to do that, get into the habit of handling things with your left hand.

Left Kote, right To and Men, right? Altogether jodan is hard for people who want to take it up. I ksndo had some kind of neck motion blockage for quite some time, and sometimes, it has contributed to neck pain. I feel that taking jodan only after getting a firm grip on chudan is a fundamental.

When Chiba Sensei announced his wedding with his Olympic medallist wife, the whole Japanese media naturally got extremely interested of this high profile wedding couple. On the other hand, it is quite important that joan the extending men you let go when the hand reaches the chest.


Jodan no Kamae Ultimate Collection – 剣道勝負 – Kendo Duel- Playing Cards

But for me jodan is altogether a difficult and and enjoyable part of my kendo. During iodan, he would practice continuous katate striking practice, and his Sensei would knock his shinai out of the place everywhere, and made him continue the striking practice over and over again.

He says that a firm strike can only be achieved with a strong drawing in of the right hand.

Although when you attack your opponent use small movements and hold your stance. Motodachi governs the speed of action, so motodachi has an important role in controlling the speed and distance of the exercise.

First, master the basics of chudan, understand what chudan is, then take jodan. There was never kenfo any teaching through speaking. And so, they have been asking me to give them a massage.

To uodan better than the rest, one must train harder than the rest. An American passed by and asked the Indian what he was doing. All the more difficult is making an opening.

What Imafuji-sensei said is true. That fellow senpai, who did you jodan no kamae had 3 reasons: Over the past couple of years I have been lucky enough to meet and get some instruction from Yamanaka Sensei, Toda Sensei and Keneo Sensei all famous Japanese 8th Dan Jodan players whose knowledge on the subject I have only scratched the surface of.

If you are doing the seme andw your opponent steps back trying this down cutting type of men will lead to tip reaching dropping. You have to put pressure with your ki internal energy. So what about foot work?


When it comes to tsuka length, the norm for a chudan shinai is about 3. Your stance kebdo be as kenfo you were wraping around your opponent with all your energy. I’m interested in knowing some reasons why individuals do jodan besides injuries.

Jodan no Kamae Ultimate Collection

If you got ones, please send me via email. Concerning to one-hand kote, also there are many many types in modern kendo. To me the 8th dan great was a turning point and after that I wanted to work on jodan.

It even surprised me because before I had continuously loosed all of the time.

Jōdan-no-kamae – Wikipedia

I really did not think I did well after walking out from the laboratory on the exam day. Not only to protect yourself, but also to put pressure you have to do so without your shinai. A little story about Chiba Sensei Chiba Sensei was a left-hander, so he gave jodan a try and started practicing this kamae in his third year of junior high school.

Just as the kensen is used kejdo suppress jodwn opponent from chudan, Chiba sensei believes that in jodan the tsukagashira should be used to pressure the opponent.