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Kouroukan Fouga The Constitution of Ancient Mali

Lastly, there were 4 clans of foouga masters of speech who recorded the history of the empire through song. We should help those who are in need.

Before setting fire to the bush, don’t look down at the ground, raise your head in the direction of the top of the trees to see whether they bear fruits or flowers. Domestic animals should be tied during cultivation and freed after the harvest. Domestic animals should kkouroukan tied during cultivation and freed after the harvest.

According to oral tradition of the griot poets of Mali and Guinea, the Kouroukan Fouga established the federation of Mandinka clans under koyroukan government, outlined how it would operate and established the laws by which the people would live.

Thanx btw to The explorer and alTakuri. Respect your word of honor.

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There were also 4 clans known as the Mori-Kanda-Lolou guardians of the faith who guided the ruling clans in matters of Islamic law. Lastly, there were 4 clans of djeli masters of speech who recorded the history of the empire through song.

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First, it established uniform laws and regulations over a significant portion of West Africa equal to the size of Western Europe for the first time in recorded history. C’mon now, you’re sharper than this. I was not saying I had something against oral history That’s when he organized a Gbara Great Assembly and called all of the clans together and they supposedly shelled out the Manden Charter.

But something has to be translated after all these years, but updates have been few and far between. It is YOUR double standard because you are the spokesperson for these views that Africans need present a written constitution from inception, while Britain does not.

When Sundiata Keita led a rebellion against the oppressive Ghanaian king, Sumanguru Kourouoan he defeated him. Article 7 institutes the sanankuya a type of cousinage or joking relationship that is a longstanding West African social tradition as a civic duty. Do not ill treat the slaves. Preservation of Nature Article Many peoples related to the Mande still abide by its traditions.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Never relinquish power to a minor just because he has goods. The ten sources are listed as follows: I know full well that oral traditions aren’t wrong by default.

There were 16 fpuga known as the Djon-Tan-Nor-Woro quiver carriers responsible for leading and defending the empire. Any object found without a known owner becomes common property only after four years. Everyone has to hold them in respect and consideration. Don’t confuse my supposed naivette with your presumptuous intellectual arrogance.

In search of Sunjata: Niane imminent west African scholar who prefaced the official publication.


You can kill the enemy, but not humiliate him. Never offend women, our mothers. I doubt every version has been written out and compared in any detail, I could be wrong about that though. Final Disposals Article Mali portal History portal Human rights portal. Combined these would make up the 29 seat Gbara at the plain of Kouroukan Fougan named after the event where Sundiata “divided the world”. A lot of medieval developments [introduction of new ideas by “outsiders”] in Europe fall into this category, the bulk of which is whitewashed out of history under the guise of the so-called “dark age” of Europe, culminating in the next “Greek Miracle”, i.

Kouroukan fouga : Soundjata et l’assemblée des peuples : la charte du Mandé in SearchWorks catalog

Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from January Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January I’ve never heard of an unwritten constitution of old Britain.

Niane cites as a consequence of his numerous interviews of primary sources scattered through out the former Malian provinces, that all of the accounts are remarkably consistent not only concerning the account of Sundiata, but the origins of pre-imperial Mali and the orientation of the second Mande expansion.

Everyone is bound to make effective their implementation www. Each simply said what he remembered. This page was last edited on 31 Januaryat