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Be sure to allow for sway in power dspaol and booms. Three Questions with Michel Marchand. Let us know Who should be in the running for Jackson’s Mount Rushmore? That means you need two lanyards — one tied off to an anchor in the platform and the other tied off to a suitable anchor on the structure to which you’re transferring.

Manual de daceasy 11 en español pdf

If the slope exceeds the maximum slope rating, then the machine must be winched or transported over the slope. You don’t have to touch wires carrying more than volts to become the path to ground. The wind may whistle over power lines, and umbrella users have to be careful to stay in control of their shelter. Only AWPs that are designed to do so should travel with workers raised in the platform, and only units designed for climbing slopes should be driven on them.

Who should be in the running for West Orange’s Mount Rushmore? Raise the platform a few feet, find the manual descent system or auxiliary power system, shut the machine down and use the emergency system according to the operator’s manual to lower the platform. Know the amnual of all the occupants, tools and materials going up in the platform, and make sure the total load is within the machine’s maximum safe operating load. Let us know Who should be in the running for Somerville’s Mount Rushmore?

Proper operation — Am I operating safely? Before going up to work, the operator is responsible for thoroughly inspecting the machine even if another operator has already put the unit into service that day to be sure it’s in good working order and ready to perform.

Wear a hardhat, or other approved headgear when operating an aerial lift.


Extendable axles must be extended, or stabilizers deployed to ensure the stability of lifts so equipped. Operate levers with controlled, even pressure. Use boom functions instead. Never slam a control lever from one position, through neutral, to the opposite position. Let us know Who should be in the running for Bernards’ Mount Rushmore? Operate functions against the machine’s cutout switches. Underfoot conditions that were safe when the site was dry in the morning could become dangerously unstable in the afternoon, after a rain.

Essentially, all operators’ manuals explain how an operator should answer each of these questions for each make and model of machine. Don’t use a machine’s tilt alarm as a level indicator because it will only sound when the machine is on a severe slope. Your picks and ours for best-ever athletes at 12 schools EDIT.

Manufacturers that build lifts or accessories specifically to carry these types of materials will account for the load’s affect on stability, but if carrying capacity is added by anyone other than the manufacturer, it’s hard to be sure of its affect on stability.

A small jolt caused by tires running over an uneven surface will be magnified considerably at the platform, even threatening to catapult the occupants or tip the machine. The AWPT recommends using ground-level barriers to mark boundaries where a work platform is safe from entering a dangerous space. Get people out of the platform before attempting to free the platform using the ground controls.

Worksite assessments are particularly important on changing construction sites because of the risk of contact with power lines or crushing obstacles, and because of the risk of tipping on unimproved surfaces. Enter your search keywords clear. Function test — Does the unit function safely?

Always confirm recommended tire-inflation pressures, as it will significantly affect the lift’s stability. You don’t want create a sail that will catch the wind and decrease machine stability. Walk-around inspection — Is the unit safe, mechanically? Safety harness and lanyard combinations must be attached only tothe anchorage provided by the manufacturer.

The possibility of confusion raised by tie-off requirements in one type of lift but not another has raised concern among some safety professionals. Some scissor-lift manufacturers recommend fall-protection use. Before raising a platform, make sure the machine is leveled within manufacturer’s limits and located on a firm surface. The intent of this story is not to repeat all of that detail, but to focus on some of the key safety manuzl common to AWPs. Before traveling, check to be sure the stabilizers or outriggers are properly stowed; there are no ramps, trenches, holes or other dangerous conditions along the intended path; there are no overhead cables, building projections or other overhead hazards; people on the ground have been warned; nothing has been left unsecured or liable to fall from the work platform; and no hoses, cables, or wires are hanging or trailing from the machine.


Keep your feet firmly on the deck of the platform at all times. Aerial-work platforms are typically used by people who are trained in the trades — iron workers, welders, masons, etc.

Who should be in the running for Bernards’ Mount Rushmore? Who made the Monroe Mt. The boom-lift operator is responsible for making sure that the platform or boom is never over the head of a worker on the ground. Never use guard rails, ladders, staging or anything else in the daceazy to extend your reach or height for any purpose. If voltage is unknown, the AWPT recommends a simple rule of thumb: Five Steps to Safe Machine Operation.

New Jersey High School Baseball –

Who should be in the running for Jackson’s Mount Rushmore? Review the section in the machine’s operator’s manual on pre-operation inspections for a checklist of things to look for. Try to raise the platform without outriggers or axles extended and cycle a boom lift to the furthest extent of its operating envelope to test the boom control system, for instance.

An AWP is not a crane, and it should not be used to lift attached loads unless its manufacturer has designed it to lift the specific load. Worksite assessment — Is it safe to operate on the work site? What scissors give up in reach, they gain in stability, and occupants are unlikely to be tossed off the deck unless they climb or lean over the railings and fall or the machine is toppled.